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  [DELETED] 13:22 04 Sep 2003

I have narrowed my choice down to three machines (Carrera SSC extreme FX / Mesh X-treme 3200+ / Ionix zs pro), but I am a bit out of date with technology and any help is appreciated.

They all seem to be first rate machines and will no doubt do the job. My main questions are:


the Carrera uses the 3.2 P4. Is this much better than the Athlon 3200+ used by the other two or is the difference marginal?


two of the machines come with 512mb ram. The other has 1024mb. Is the extra really justified - it seems that 512mb of the latest ram should cover most tasks.

Hard Disk:

I am on my fifth PC now and each time that I have upgraded it has been largely prompted by a full disk! The Ionix has two 120gb hard disks working in tandem. Are there any issues / benefits with twin disks? Would I be safer opting for the single 160 / 200 gb disks offered by the others?

Graphics card:

Two of the machines have the GE Force 5900 ultra top of the range spec, while the other offers 128mb ATI radeon 9800 pro. In what ways would I notice the difference in normal use.

Optical drives:

I am really confused here. I want to play video and audio CD's and DVD's use cd and dvd data (software use and loading) discs and record to dvd for back-up - is there any drive that does all of this or do I need multiple drives?


With all of the systems (including the options I have chosen) I get an 18" TFT monitor. Mesh and Ionix supply NEC models (1860nx)and Carrera a Sharp model (T1813B), any views on which of these is the better? I have read a number of posts about "dead pixels". Spending the best part of £2,000 this would annoy me - how real a problem is this?


All three come out at about the same price after the mods that I have requested.

All and any help or advice is greatly appreciated, especially from anybody that has one of the machines or the components from them.


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