Major problems with Philips DVD recorders!

  TOPCAT® 11:30 21 Jan 2003
  TOPCAT® 11:30 21 Jan 2003

Oh dear! Have a look here if you own one and see if you agree. TC.

click here

  PhilMeIn 14:42 21 Jan 2003

Thanks for bringing this to our attention , i didn't know about all the problems !! . Will definately wait until problems sorted out or maybe the Panasonic recorder? .

  tippucat 22:03 26 Jan 2003

Have read link page but not clear whether this applies to recordable only? Does anyone know as I bought my Phillips a couple of months ago. No problems at present.

  TOPCAT® 00:17 27 Jan 2003

Don't think you need to worry too much. Cannot find any real adverse comments from qualified people on problems with Philips DVD players.

Sorry I posted the thread really. I should have checked for more concrete comments first. My apologies. TC.

  tbh72 04:45 27 Jan 2003

They make really nice Iron's...... No seriously I was so utterly disappointed with philips after buying a CD/RW £189.00 when they first come out that I would never personally use them again for computer components.

Even if after all this time if they were to send me a nice e-mail offering me a replacement I would gracefully decline there offer.

Just as I have done with Watford Electronics (Savastore). There is only so much much a disgruntled customer can take. There are alway's other company's looking for your business.

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