MailWasher and Lycos http mail BEWARE

  [DELETED] 07:49 09 Nov 2003

Just recently Lycos have changed their POP3 service to http. They sent a program so that it can be accessed by OE, similar to Hotmail.

The problem is, Lycos cannot now be used with MailWasher. I've emailed the team at MailWasher with all the relevant information and all they did was confirm it couldn't be used with Lycos.

I thought I had better warn others because it's a poor state of affairs if you've already paid for the product and now can't use it, I'm just putting it down to experiance.


  [DELETED] 11:52 09 Nov 2003

Sorry...i don't understand why you seem to be placing the blame on Mailwasher for this...they didn't change the way your email is accessed....Lycos did.

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