Mahjong Titans not in Win 8.1

  compumac 18:31 16 Nov 2014

I must confess that when I had Win 7 I played Mahjong Titans a great number of times. Now that I have Win 8.1 I would like to download a version of Mahjong Titans (or very similar) can anyone point me in the direction of a safe download?

  BRYNIT 18:39 16 Nov 2014

Windows 8.1 just go to the apps store and type Microsoft mahjong in the search bar.

  sunnystaines 19:55 16 Nov 2014
  compumac 19:59 16 Nov 2014


Whereas I have moved to Win 8.1 I have only been using the desktop side of things and am not particularly enamoured with the other side - I have yet to be convinced about it. Will look at it nevertheless. Thanks


Have already googled for it but there is such a proliferation that is why I posted the query here.

  compumac 10:37 17 Nov 2014


Remember the question very well. I only played Mahjong Titans on Win 7 anyway. I am not a games person although I do remember many, many years ago there was a game called Purple Turtles which I played occasionally(??). I also had a programme that established the frequency of your use of programmes as well as the total time spent on those programmes. I tried it out the one day expecting it to tell me that my main use of the PC was spreadsheets and database use - it told me that I spent twice as much time on Purple Turtles than anything else - I was appalled at my idleness!! but continued to play Purple Turtles.

With regard to the move from Win 7 to Win 8.1, my opinions may be biased as I have now an SSD as well as a much faster processor and components. I download the Telegraph crossword every day and with my old PC - from pressing the PC start button to having the printout of the crossword in my hand would take approx. five minutes, with the new one it takes under 55 seconds.

  compumac 11:52 17 Nov 2014


I found the apps store somewhat unintuitive. I did download a game of Mahjong in the end from there, but I find the store not what I would call user friendly. I will probably be contradicted by others over this.

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