Magazine Fraud?

  manit 22:58 08 Apr 2006

PC Advisor Issue 130 May 2006

Having bought this issue for a particular program on the included DVD, I was more than annoyed to being mislead.

The issue is shrunkwrapped so cannot be opened.

The front of the DVD (visable)17 FULL Programs worth £586. Pictures of MADESAFE CHILD and it's listed in the FULL products list as JUST that "madeSafe Child"

It's not until you've bought the mag, ripped open the plastic cover and are able to see the reverse of the DVD that you are told the COMPLETE truth. "madeSafe Child - 6-month extended trial"

So NOW you know, its only a full program for 6 months, during which time its a trial!

I wonder if the editors have the guts to reply here?

In most worlds of business that would be classed as fraud would it not?

Pardon me if I sound miffed, but I stopped buying PC Advisor last time they pulled this stunt, I guess I should have learnt my lesson and asked for written confirmation that what was being advertised was truthful before I purchased.

  bluto1 23:09 08 Apr 2006

I don`t work for PC Advisor. I`ve got the `offending` DVD in front of me and it says
17 full programmes worth £586 INCLUDING. That is the operative word.
I get a bit het up about `tricks` used in advertising but one road I will not travel is suggesting that fraud might be involved.

  Forum Editor 00:28 09 Apr 2006

let me make it quite clear that if you repeat your allegation that we have perpetrated a fraud you'll find yourself opening a solicitor's letter in the very near future. If you have something to complain about, by all means feel free to do so, but don't come here making wildly sweeping and innacurate allegations of fraud.

The software you've mentioned is indeed a fully working version, but as you rightly say, it's a trial. The provision of trial versions of such software is common practice amongst computer magazines, and there's no question of it being in any way fraudulent, or a "stunt" as you so charmingly call it.

There you are - one of the Editors has had the guts to reply here.

  rdave13 00:32 09 Apr 2006

Hello. Haven't come accross your name before on this forum so welcome.

It is a free program for six months and after that what happens?

PCA is one of the good mags I subscribe to and I'm sure that if you direct you complaints to the mag, urls are supplied within the magazine, the editor will be more than happy to answer your complaint.

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