Lycos/Strato transfer

  Boghound 15:31 20 Jan 2009

Anyone else having problems with the so called automatic transfer from Lycos (going out of business) to Strato? Strato are not to blame as Lycos seem to be "dragging their feet over "tag" changes.

I can't understand why the Lycos saga has not reared it's head on this forum before now!

  octal 06:33 21 Jan 2009

Lycos, not very pleased with them at all. They hosted my domain name which was registered with United Domains in Germany, you go to their web site and it's all in German! I tried emailing them to get my IPS tag changed, but they completely ignored me, I had to get Nominet involved which cost me money. I didn't even get an email from Lycos telling me what the situation was, in spite of having all my details. Good riddance to Lycos as far as I'm concerned.

  Boghound 07:03 21 Jan 2009

......and to add insult to injury...Their "help" department only works 09:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday and charges 12p per minute!!!! At least Strato is free 24/7 and quick to respond to mail.

  octal 18:56 21 Jan 2009

I was having a chat with the chap at Nominet and he was saying that the Lycos debacle has resulted in a lot of people in the same boat as me trying to transfer their IPS tags to other providers. I didn't want to go over to Strato because I didn't know where the registrar for their hosts are located, but I've gone with a UK one, as a matter of fact they are only a few miles from me, so I can go and knock on their door if I have to.

  Boghound 08:01 22 Jan 2009

Thanks God I have other domains registered elsewhere. I have three with Lycos...The .net was transfered two weeks ago but the and .eu has been on-going since 29/12. Strato seem to be on the ball and are registered in Germany (coinsidence I wonder). It strikes me as strange as there has been no other posts about this debacle.

  winpol 12:33 22 Jan 2009

So the 'seamless' transfer has caused me to spend hours on the phone and email. I paid strato on 21 dec 08 and none of my 4 domains have so far been transferred- 2 which should be easy enough and 2 .coms which lycos have refused to xfer twice. They're all unlocked and strato have the auth codes for the .coms. Strato says theres nothing it can do as its lycos' fault. Today all my sites disappeared and none of the emails work.
Has anyone got any ideas about making something happen :(?

  Newuser2428 14:17 22 Jan 2009

I am also having problems. Strato took my money on 20th. December 2008. They claim that because they are ready to host my site, they are entitled to the money. Up until yesterday my site was still hosted by Lycos. The problem being that no one told me I had to unlock the domain to transfer it. Despite many messages to and from Strato - and no replies from Lycos. Unlocked the domain yesterday, and today my web site has gone ! Still showing that the domain is registered to Lycos. Been on phone to Strato all day, they are "escalating the problem". This is costing me serious money now.
As an experiment I registered a new domain on Sunday, and Strato had that up and running by Monday. That's no good though as I can't direct people to the new domain.
E.mails won't work either.
This is pathetic. I only went with Strato to ensure that the transfer was seemless.

  winpol 15:37 22 Jan 2009

Newuser, If you were able to get a new domain up so quickly. it seems to me like Lycos is at the root of this. My business sites are all down too and I've had several customers ring to ask if we had gone bust.
I was wondering if there was any way of getting to someone senior in lycos who might sort out the problems we're having. A guy at Strato told me this morning that there were '...thousands of other customers in the same position and it's not Strto's fault but we're getting the blame..." It seems that unless Lycos release the sites, Strato can't do anything to help.
I also went through the 'one step at a time process' of getting auth codes, then unlocking and emailing Lycos to change IPS Tags - you'd have thought that for a 'seamless transfer' they might have mentioned these issues in December. I have already tried to esclate within Strato which had no effect, so if anyone knows how to get to the MD or similar in Lycos, that might help

  Boghound 15:53 22 Jan 2009

After reading the postings from "winpol and newuser" I seem to be getting off lightly!! If after 28/2 the domains are locked in till they expire so be it least no-one else will be able to grab them until renewal but that really isn't the point. Here's there registered address which may help some of you;

Corinna Melissa Dawson
Lycos Customer Service

Lycos Europe GmbH
Carl-Bertelsmann-Str. 29
P.O. Box 315
D-33311 Gütersloh

Place of business: Gütersloh
Gütersloh local court, HRB 2157
Managing director: Christoph Mohn

  winpol 16:37 22 Jan 2009

Thanks Boghound,
Already tried to email the MD (using variations on his name) but no response from him or customer services. one hasn't bounced, so we'll wait n see.

  Newuser2428 17:17 22 Jan 2009

This is newuser 2428. Well, yes, I am pulling my hair out here. I don't think we can/will get any help from Lycos, I can't spend all day on the phone waiting to get an answer. Now the domain name is unlocked, Strato seems to be the way forward, but as you say, escalating the problem hasn't done anything. I believe you can pay Nominet to actually move the domain name - £11.50, but that isn't going to make Strato actually register it and get it up and running.
I will have to keep trying Strato's freephone number. Lycos have really done the dirty on us by switching off the hosting before Strato has taken over the domain.

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