Lugged Washers

  RGB76 11:52 08 Apr 2011


Would anyone on here know where I can get some Door Handle Washers With Lugs, They are the ones that slip over the nut then the lug bends over to hold the thing in place, before screwing on the door handle.

Really would be grateful for any help. I need about a dozen of them.



  HondaMan 11:54 08 Apr 2011
  RGB76 12:55 08 Apr 2011

Thanks HondaMan, Had A cLook around there and several other places but havn`t seen anything that will do.

These washers are to fit along the square center spindle for the door handles, and the lug on the washer bends over and locks the nut in place near the center, before screwing on the handle.

Many thanks


  cruiser2 16:50 08 Apr 2011

Try a good engineering supply company. There are two near where I live. Try yellow pages under engineering suppliers. Instead of the type you suggest have you ttried spring washers or other types of washers which will stop the nut working loose.

  BT 16:52 08 Apr 2011

I think they're normally called Tabbed or Locking washers. Googling either will give you lots of hits

  RGB76 19:05 08 Apr 2011

Thanks for your help,

A friend has said he can still get them so I`m fixed up ok.



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