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Just got Issue 128 March 2006 through my door.

Notice a free full program of LP Recorder ver 5 on the cover DVD.

Just like to say I have been using this program along with LP Ripper since the beginning.

I now have version 7 but according to their website a new version 8 is available.

Anyone who wants to get their old LPs, Cassette tape or even Reel to Reel tapes on to CDs, this is the program to use. I usually record everything as one large .wav file and then use LP Ripper to split it back to separate tracks.

Pity that the cover disk didn't have LP Ripper as well though.

The site is Australian but I found it was cheaper to buy in US Dollars and not Aus Dollars (due to the exchange rate I suppose)

click here

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Sorry everyone, I didn't really want to put this in ConsumerWatch. Maybe the FE can transfer it to Speaker's Corner for me???

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I bumped it because I tried to copy and paste it into Speakers Corner myself to save retyping it. But every time I try to highlight the text all I get is the silly MS pop up ad so I can't copy or paste. Will have to leave it as it is.


  [DELETED] 16:12 15 Jan 2006

I too have been using the programs that you mention.

I agree, recommended for those that find themselves in the situaltion of needing to record from vinyl or, in my case, from DAT ... remember that?

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