Lowest on the web and MS keyboard

  shizzy 20:55 26 Feb 2004

Someone on Monday was kind enough to post about the above offer. I ordered late Monday evening received an instant automatic email and then another confirming the order the next day. Imagine the delight when it was delivered yesterday. So good praise for this branch of Evesham for speedy service. However my praise for them was rather dented when although half expecting an OEM version (this wasn't mentioned on the site. I didn't see it anyway) it was OEM and it was not the two coloured one with the detachable palm rest which was pictured on the web page. Don't get me wrong it is still very good value at a total price of £8-93 but I do like to know what I am buying. When checking it states the picture is for illustrative purposes only. I did think that Evesham was above this kind of misleading advertising.In the booklet it also mentions intelli software but there was no disc included. Perhaps someone could advise if there should have been one.

  Stuartli 09:27 27 Feb 2004

You get what you pay for and OEM versions of components, hardware and similar (usually normally supplied to system builders etc) come without packaging, software etc.

You should be able to download the keyboard driver from the MS website or, if you have XP, it should be available in any case.

  shizzy 19:08 27 Feb 2004

Had a speedy answer from Evesham to my email which is Brownie points for them.It was just the fact that I thought Evesham were the type of company who would have put the correct picture and stated that it was OEM so as you are sure what you are buying.It is a very good price for a quality item in spite of my moan. I have now downloaded the software thanks. I am on XP

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