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  scooterboy 15:18 18 Jul 2003

Hi all, I'm not sure if anyone else has found this site click here but I have just ordered a Sony DW-U10A DVD Multi format drive for £158.81 inc Vat and free delivery. Is this a good deal? They offer to price match with any UK web retailers but only before placing a order that's what's worring me now. I know i should have checked first..

  -pops- 15:24 18 Jul 2003

Even if you can get it cheaper, it won't be by very much.

Remember it isn't long ago that these drives were well over £200. So at the price you're paying, consider that you have a bargain, I would!!


  crx1600 16:01 18 Jul 2003

not sure how much delivery is, but scan.co.uk sell the DW-U10a for £149.50 inc VAT. click here

less than £10 difference isn't really anything to worry about.

  The_King 16:30 18 Jul 2003

Looks like it's free delivery!! that can't be right surely? Makes things real cheap!

  scooterboy 16:51 18 Jul 2003

Thanks for setting my mind to rest with the price of that Sony DVD all. I checked out the Scan crx1600 but as you say not a lot in it with the free delivery. I will keep you posted when it is delivered, it's about time someone sold parts at sensable prices and free delivery. How much can delivery cost on somthing small enugh to fit though your letter box.

  crx1600 16:56 18 Jul 2003

i make the scan deal £157.74 with delivery, so the difference is little over £1.

if anyone is looking for 'cheaper' the pioneer106 (dual-format) is around £130 from several suppliers.

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