Low Profile Graphics Card

  [email protected] 15:44 05 Feb 2009

Hi All,

I have a Dell C521, slim case, which has a Radeon X1300 graphics card (low profile).

An upgarde is on the cards so that I can get some level of decent visuals from Call of Duty 5. It works but on the lowest settings possible.

I have tried contacting both Dell and AMD/ATI to see what upgrades are available and too be quite honest, they should both hang their heads in shame for poor sales support. Kinda makes me wonder why I have bothered being loyals customers of theirs for all these years.

Having looked through old forum submissions, there are a few similar enquiries, but from last year so I thought I pick your brains for any recommendations.

Currently my card uses the DVI port, via a splitter to feed my 24" LCD and via a converter to HMI lead to my plasma so I would need a minimum of a DVI or with HMI too.

I am happy to go for an alternative vendor of GPU, ATI missed their chance, but I have no intention to change to a standard size case as my current slim case fits a custom storage space in my living room.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


  wee eddie 16:33 05 Feb 2009

the exact answer to my, similar, question a while back but to put it simply.

Theses cards are, few and far between, cost little and are rubbish for Gaming.

In defence of the Companies that you have spoken to already. The cost, to them, of your conversation will probably have exceeded the profit on one of these Cards.

  GaT7 16:37 05 Feb 2009

Unfortunately there are no low-profile (LP) cards available (or made) that fit the 'gaming' grade, except for possibly one - a 9600GT. I think it should be good enough to run COD5 on medium settings (will also depend on the rest of the spec & screen resolution you game at).

If you cannot find them available to buy in the shops/online, check on eBay. It'll need a 6pin PCI-E connector from the PSU to power it. If your PSU doesn't have one, it may be possible to use 2x FREE molex/sata connectors to make the necessary connector with converters/adapters. I say 'may' because the PSU ideally needs to be at least 300W with a dedicated PCI-E connector to power this card.

More about good LP cards in this thread click here.

Another option is to get a suitable PCI-E riser card to install a full height graphics card, but these are rare, & possibly quite expensive. In addition, you'll require a better PSU as well. Or, you might get away with the converter/adapter solution as above. G

  [email protected] 16:51 05 Feb 2009

For your quick responses.

I love a challenge and it looks like I got me one!!!

OK, I will go find out about the 9600GT and it connections.

I found PCI-E riser card here: click here, also this type a 90 degree at click here and also Dell appear to have some, but no images or specs.

  qbie 20:31 05 Feb 2009

I'm not sure the riser card would be suitable - the back of the case doesn't have the necessary space/slots to be able to fit the card with the riser in place.

  wee eddie 23:05 05 Feb 2009

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