Low Cost Airlines and 'Cookies'

  dms05 12:08 06 Oct 2006

I fly a few times a year and have noticed on Low Cost Airline websites an unusual effect. If I check a flight for 8 weeks away and then return to the same site to book a day or two later then the price is always higher. I've tried frequent checking and have produce some astonishing increases even 6 weeks before the flight.

I tried checking via another PC on my network and got identical prices. However if I ask a friend to check the same flight at the same time on his connection he can produce lower prices on his initial enquiry.

My question is: 'Do Low Cost Airlines place cookies on your PC (or note your IP address at the website) and respond differently depending upon you been a returning enquirer or a new enquiry'?

  garrema 13:04 06 Oct 2006

Run Crapcleaner and get rid of cookies (or the individual cookies) and then revisit the website on the same PC. If it was my business its what I would do since if you visit once, go away and come bck then the initial price must have been too low because you have come back. The airlines have a model which allows them to put up prices in this fashion. They ain in it for your benefit after all.

  dms05 13:19 06 Oct 2006

garrema - thanks for the advice. I'll Google Crapcleaner and try it!

  dms05 13:38 06 Oct 2006

Just a thought - would Cookies be transferred between Browser? Could I browse and check using using, say, Fireox but do my final booking using IE or Opera?

  FUl2tiV3 14:10 06 Oct 2006

no they aren't
i use different browsers to solve similar issues
as for the ip addy
try using click here or click here

ccleaner: click here

  dth 14:36 06 Oct 2006

am sure that airlines do - noticed the same with easyjet once and checked on a different p/c and the fare was back to the original price.

  def90csw 15:23 06 Oct 2006

What sort of cookies do they serve, the ones with choccy chips in them are my favorite.

  Confab 15:49 06 Oct 2006


click here

  Confab 15:50 06 Oct 2006

Sorry FUl2tiV3 I didn't see your link.


  dms05 16:34 06 Oct 2006

Thanks everyone. I think I'll try the alternate Browse route and see what happens.

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