Lost in buying options - high end laptop

  nicoasp 04:20 15 Dec 2014

Hi everyone!

I would really appreciate some help in finding the right laptop, I've read a million guides, reviews and comparisons but I'm a total noob in this and I keep getting lost in options.

Here are the keys of what I'm looking for:

  • Resolution is the biggest obstacle, I want really high. 1920x1080 I could live with but ideally I'd want higher. Prefer 17'' than 15 but not critical.
  • Cannot be apple, windows only.
  • i7, at least 16GB ram... ideally top specs everywhere
  • Trusted build / brand etc.

So basically I'm looking for a real beast, and I'm willing to pay for it, but the problem is I don't trust myself in evaluating. So I looked at some 4k laptops but I'm afraid they will have unforseen troubles I'm not able to judge, when I just look at standard 1920x1080 top of the line ones I get lost in options...

Thank you very much for any help!

  chub_tor 18:03 15 Dec 2014

You could start here with this qosmio from Toshiba but you could also use their website to personalise any one of their other models. Toshiba is a respected brand with good reviews for reliability. I have owned several and I am not affiliated with Toshiba in any way.

  Forum Editor 07:13 16 Dec 2014

Perhaps our very own Matt Egan can help you - take a look at this.

  nicoasp 10:44 16 Dec 2014

Thank you very much guys.

Also, I haven't found 1 single 17+'' laptop with more than 1920x1080 display, while the 15'' ones go up to the 4k displays. Does this make any sense? Does it really not exist, 17'' and >1080?

  rdave13 11:16 16 Dec 2014

Have a look at this one, Ultrabooks/ASUS , which has a 4K Ultra High Definition (4K/UDH) display. Whatever that means.

  rdave13 11:22 16 Dec 2014

No, it just says it supports 4K/UHD.

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