Looking for a Small Business PC

  Fidel 22:14 24 Sep 2003

I am about to start a small businees and will need an appropriate PC package to keep my affairs in order. I will need to print some basic flyers/brochures and have suitable software to manage finances, customer info etc. Can anyone recommend a suitable PC and supplier, and appropriate software? I have approx £750 to spend.

  wee eddie 23:08 24 Sep 2003

The software will probably be the most expensive part.Ability - M$ Works - Open Office - M$ Money - Intuit - Sage et alia.

A local lad should be able to make a PC for you, for about £300+ vat. The most expensive part of which will be XP.

You do not need a separate sound card or graphics card but you do need a minimum of 256Mb RAM, floppy drive and a CD-RW. Maybe a modem.

The rest is window-dressing.

  wee eddie 23:13 24 Sep 2003

If you use a local lad and he knows you are just starting a new business.

He will probably give you a decent price in the hope of future sales. Don't make any promises to him though.

If you pay him promptly, he may tell his friends and customers of your new business.

Free advertising!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:44 24 Sep 2003

This will do more than you will ever need and at £499..........click here


  JIM 00:40 25 Sep 2003


So easy to install, just plug and play for fast results.
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 2.40GHz
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
40GB hard drive
17" S7500 CRT monitor
48X CD-ROM drive
Integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics 2
Free 60 day trial of Norton AntiVirus? 2003
3 year warranty with 1 year onsite and 2 years parts only
» See peripherals for great offers on accompanying products

Order ref.: DF384T (pc) + P9008T (monitor)

  Djohn 00:42 25 Sep 2003

Good advice from both postings above. If you click on the link from GANDALF <|:-)>, it will take you to a time expired page, but just click on the "Home page" link from there and you will see the system he recommends.

It comes complete with a monitor and XP Home as well. Also you will need a good quality printer. Choose from Canon/HP/Epson in the price range of approximately £65.00 to £80.00 and you wont go far wrong.

As wee eddie says you will then need some software. Microsoft works Suite can be bought for about £65.00 and will give you the same word program as you will find in "Office XP" also a basic spreadsheet/Database, and a few other utilities as well.

Word is very powerful and will do your Letterheads/posters/fliers/Brochures for you until you can sort out a dedicated publishing program as recommended above. j.

  Djohn 00:45 25 Sep 2003

And from JIM. Sorry JIM, your post was not there when I started to type. [About an hour ago!!] :o(

  JIM 00:48 25 Sep 2003

My fault,thought maybe that i was being smart as well as pratical with a paste job.:)

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