Looking for a Router than can also be a WiFi extender.

  JoshBlount 23:14 13 Aug 2014

Hello. This is going to be a long post I'm afraid! I'm currently in a hotel in Bahrain & will be for at least 3 months. The Internet connection is about 1.5-3mbps (I'm used to 100 in the UK so it's horrible :-P) & is not exactly stable. My first question is:

Is the Netgear WG602 54G Access Point in the room just a repeater/extender or is it a fully fledged router? I think I know the answer to this because of the name of the product & the fact that it's plugged into the wall socket by an enthernet cable rather than what I'd class as normal in the UK.

I recently purchased a PS4 (US made) out here which can detect other wireless networks but not the one in our room. It might be as the router/extender is too close to the console, they're literally right next to each other, or because the device's design is now close 10 years old so the PS4 doesn't like it or some other reason. Normally this wouldn't be an issue as I'd use a LAN/enthernet cable but the Netgear WG602 54G only has one port & that's taken my the cable coming out of the wall. So the second question is:

What router, which alternatively works as an extender with minimal setup, could be used here & preferably when I return to the UK too? Obviously it needs to have more than 1 LAN port & it'd also like it to be 801.11N too unlike the ancient thing we have! I don't need AC as I don't think the PS4 is compatible with it.

Thanks in advance for any help :-).

  john bunyan 09:37 15 Aug 2014

I have a Netgear DGND4000 but I think the range has changed. I would look at their range an specs - they seem very reliable.


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