Looking for a Portable 14" Laptop....can you help?

  Charliebrown05 00:19 17 Oct 2011

I am looking for suggestions for a new Laptop after my HP Netbook gave up "the Ghost" a week or so back after only buying it slightly over a year ago from QVC. I took it to two separate Computer Engineers to see if they could fix it but both agreed that "I should never have bought a netbook as most them are a bundle of junk and they are so small that everything is crammed into the motherboard and if anything goes wrong with them they unfixable" One of them suggested that I should look at a portable Laptop at around 14" as a replacement. So guys what are your suggestions? I was looking at the Lenovo Z370 13.3 inch Notebook (Intel Core i3 2310M 2.1GHz, RAM 4GB, HDD 500GB, DVDRW, WLAN, Webcam, BT, Windows 7 Home Premium) - Black/Silver at around £450 I don't know much about this company (other than they used to be IBM)or the reliability of it's products....so what do you think of them? I'm writing on a Acer Desktop which has been superb for the last 6 yrs and I also have an old Acer Laptop which has given good service for the last 8 yrs or so (except the CD writer doesn't work) Has Acer got a 14" Laptop ....I can't see anything out there. My priorities are that the Laptop must be portable (that's why I'm looking at 14" and the latest Intel Processors with a decent size Ram like 4 - 6Gbs and am looking in the region of £300 - to - £550 Can you Help?


  birdface 07:51 17 Oct 2011

Not sure how you go with it's guarantee it is usually only for 1 year but I have heard it mentioned that it may be longer.

I don't suppose you have contacted QVC or HP to see if it still can be fixed under warranty.

You would expect a new notebook to last well over a year.

No doubt someone will be able to give you the proper advice on it.

Sorry I can't help you with a choice of new ones as I have never had one before and some of the ones I have had a play with were a bit to fragile for me.

  BT 09:08 17 Oct 2011

Have a word with Customer Services at QVC. I had a Graphics tablet that went wrong outside the guarantee and they gave me a full refund as they didn't have a replacement. They even sent a postage paid label.

  wee eddie 13:41 17 Oct 2011

buteman & BT are correct in that no PC, Laptop or Netbook should fail within such a short period of time.

However, Laptops are almost as difficult to repair as Netbooks and the solution is usually the same, replace it.

If a Netbook was not too slow for you and fulfilled the rest of your requirements, why spend more than you need.

  Charliebrown05 18:39 17 Oct 2011

I ordered it from QVC on the 19/06/2010 ...........so it is a wee bit out side the 1 year warranty.......and you are right I didn't even try QVC because I thought one year was the cut off time for any calls about warranty faults. I didn't break it..it just stopped working. It wont take a charge or it wont turn on when the mains lead is connected. One of the Engineers checked the voltage on the Transformer mains lead and it showed that the correct current was going through it. I also took it to Tescos and asked them if they would let me connect it via an HP Mains lead that they were using for to demonstrate a HP Mini Netbook......but it didn't work............dead as a "dodo" Do you think it is worth trying QVC and seeing if they would help or do you think like me it well out of the Warranty period. Anybody got any thoughts on alternatives.......possibly 14" and what are your thoughts on the Lenovo model that I gave as an example.

Thanks again for your help

  Charliebrown05 16:56 18 Oct 2011

While on another Forum asking about the same problem I have now come down to this:-

"Just a pity there weren't more models to choose from...........there are plenty of quick and reasonably priced 15.6 models but not too many 13 - 14" screen models so it seems to come down to either the Lenovo Z370 13.3 or the Acer Aspire Timeline X 4830T 14 inch Notebook They both have the i3 processor They both have reasonable size HDs - Acer has 320Gbs and the lenovo has 500Gbs The Lenovo is slightly smaller at 13.3 The Acer has 3Gb of Ram whereas the Lenovo has 4Gbs The lenovo is slightly cheaper but I don't know anything about their reliability whereas I have good experience of owning Acer computers When I look at all the pros and cons of the above..... I still can't decide. Do I take the risk of Lenovo or go with the Acer........answer I really don't know!!!! What do others think?............or should I go back to QVC and see if they would be willing to replace the HP Mini Netbook?"

Can you help find any other models to choose from or what would you do in my situation......go back and try and see what QVC say or buy a new Laptop?

  wee eddie 19:38 18 Oct 2011

Go back to QVC. Don't mention any thought that you have of a new model.

Be polite, explain what has happened and have Proof of Purchase handy, your Credit Card Account should do, a Till Slip, Warranty Card, or Bank Statement with the relevant Entry on it.

They will start to wiggle so mention the Sale of Goods Act What Consumer's Analysis of SoG, while you are unlikely to get a full refund, you just might get a replacement, or a 'pro rata' refund.

  Charliebrown05 22:04 18 Oct 2011

Wee Eddie, thanks for your sound advice. I wont mention anything about a new model because I don't have a new model........I haven't chosen a new one because that's why I was here to find a new one. I suppose the correct adage is "If I don't ask I wont get"........I'll let you know how I get on.....if they don't give me anything I wont push it because I didn't buy an extended warranty and I am outside the warranty period..........but it is worth a try

  johnathann 11:34 19 Oct 2011

Yes. You are right. Netbooks are just a junk and I faced various problems by using eMachines Netbook. I am not even able to install a new Operating System on that Netbook. The problem is it doesn't have a CD/DVD Drive to install my new OS. Then I tried to install in from the USB drive. But it is not booting up at all. SO I am going to throw off it and got a new Toshiba Satellite Laptop. I am using it for the past years and have not faced any problems. This Laptp is very much suitable for every requirements.

  Charliebrown05 14:14 19 Oct 2011

Johnathann.....thanks for that but that example doesn't fit my bill..it is a 15.6 Screen.......I can get any amount of them.......I'm looking for a 14" or below screen size

  johnathann 14:21 19 Oct 2011

Well then you can try the following

Acer Aspire Timeline X 4830T - it is a 14 inch Laptop / Sony VAIO C Series VPC-CA2Z0E / HP Pavilion dm4

You can search this product names in Google Product search and find the best deal for lowest price.

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