Looking for a new tablet

  hickson123 15:11 15 Apr 2013


I've pretty much decided on the google nexus 7 but i keep getting emails from voucher sites such as groupon and wowcher with offers on tablets for as little as £45. I was just wondering if anyone could help me, i.e are these worth looking at or am i better sticking with the branded model.


'''This sleek tablet PC features a vast 7" 16:9 touchscreen display, dual camera (front and back) and is available in black, silver, white, purple, red, blue and pink! Powered by an All Winner A13 Cortex A8 1.2GHz processor, this handy device runs on the smooth Android 4.0 operating system and is supplied with 512MB RAM and 4GB of internal storage memory.'''

any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Paul

  AroundAgain 15:58 15 Apr 2013

Hi Paul

I'm certainly no expert but my reaction is that the specs of the one in the deal are rather poor. The RAM isn't very much and the 4GB memory is a pittance. There is no mention of an SD card slot. Neither is there any mention of USB, HDMI or what sort of camera.

I have a Blackberry Playbook, 64Gb storage, but it doesn't take external memory, ie SD card etc, and although I don't store that much on it, I have approx 30Gb left. I love the Playbook but there is so much speculation re the future of it. However, I'm sure the Playbook will be going for sometime yet. It is a good price but, being BB, the OS is a bit restricting although side-loading is useful.

So, my instinct would be to go for the Nexus. The specs are well identified and so you know what you are getting.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

I'm sure others will be along and be able to advise you further.


  spuds 17:38 15 Apr 2013
  Salut 09:37 29 Apr 2013

Hickson, I have the Nexus 7. Simply, it is brilliant! You will need to make sure that any tablet fits your personal requirements. Storage capacity, processor speed, etc. For me, the Nexus hits the spot every time without fail. I use it as a portable office, linking with the desktop when I can back to base. The Nexus replaced all the files/papers that I need to have at hand and has often drawn positive comments from clients who have been impressed at the "information at my finger tips".

  rickf 12:47 07 Jun 2013

For what its worth I have just got the Samsung note 10.1 and extremely please with it. Quad core cortex a9 and 2g ddr3 ram 16g capacity. Very fast and smooth and the s pen is awesome

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