Looking for a new Mini PC i was wondering if someone could help?

  jimbobpete 11:50 21 Mar 2013

I've found the perfect pc Pockit from Novatech http://www.novatech.co.uk/pc/range/novatechpockitnpi01.html

But i was maybe looking for something a little cheaper? The computer wll be used for World of warcraft i don't mind the settings being low and will see high usage and sometimes left overnight so it's got to be able to be quiet and not use alot of energy and can handle being on for long periods could anyone recommend one or shall i just stump up the money for this one? Thank you in advance for anyone who can respond.

  wee eddie 14:47 21 Mar 2013

You're being charged an awful lot for little square box. It's neat, I agree, but it has no OS, no CD Drive, no USB3 and i3 Processors are not really brilliant for gaming.

  jimbobpete 14:53 21 Mar 2013

Yeah the OS CD drive and USB3 is not an issue for me at all the i3 is abit but nevertheless it's one of the most recent Processors and comes with HD4000, it's not really intended for heavy graphical gaming WoW will be the most powerful and it's not too demanding and even so i'm intending on putting the graphics low as it doesn't bother me, would you have an alternative at all?

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