looking for new laptop, any recomendations??

  milpool1980 08:43 20 May 2006

this is my first post so hi there!
i`m looking to buy a decent laptop at least 1.8ghz but i`m torn between 2 processers, the AMD semperon 3300+ which says is 2ghz and an AMD turion 64 which is 1.8ghz
what chip would be best to go for or has anyone recently bought any amazing laptops that they can recommend.

Thanks for your time i appreciate it

  Forum Editor 08:58 20 May 2006

Before anyone can offer any real advice we'll need to know a little about your intended use for this machine.

Are you a games player?

Do you need to use the machine on the move, or will it be a desktop replacement?

Do you work with big graphics/images and/or music files?

Tell us the answers to those questions, and we'll help you to decide on a suitable laptop.

  Forum Editor 08:59 20 May 2006

Don't get too focused on laptop processors - there are other factors which are just as important.

  jack 09:09 20 May 2006

Don't get hung on processors as the FE commented.
The intended use and overall spec for your money is the thing to go for.
To maximise the cash value- take a look at the many offers on machines that have been recently updated,
Places like Dell and Morgancomputers for example list machines that have been superseded by others with only marginal variations, and can be had for really good prices.

  milpool1980 15:20 20 May 2006

the laptop i`m looking for will be around £500-650. will be using it for gaming and for internet i have seen the new campaq v5115 from pcworld but am not sure if this is a good machine, specs are below, if you can advise me i`d be very grateful

256MB Data Storage
AMD Turion 64 Mobile ML-32 Processor
1.8GHz System Bus, 512 KB Cache
1024 MB RAM
80 GB Hard Drive
DVD ReWriter MultiDrive
15.4" HD Widescreen Brightview Display
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
128 MB ATI X200 Shared Graphics

  kdt 16:19 20 May 2006

if you can stretch upto 750 hp pavilion dv5094ea is good spec which i bought recently from comet online but may not suit gaming..have a look

  VNAM75 16:51 20 May 2006

I've been looking for a laptop and have narrowed it down to the 3 below. Would appreciate comments and alternative recommendations.

Dell Inspiron 640M £649
click here

Sony Vaio FS485B £681
click here

Toshiba Satellite A100-163 £790
click here

  wee eddie 17:23 20 May 2006


At that price point none of the lappies will be able to run any of the latest games at anything but the most basic settings. They all have "on-board" graphics.

Sorry to let you down, but that's the long and short of it.

Even £1200 will not get you a good gaming lappy but at least it should play everything you throw at it at a reasonable level of detail as some have 128MG graphics cards in them.

  bapiow 18:22 21 May 2006

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