Looking for a new Gfx Card in £250 range

  BeesFan 21:23 11 Dec 2004

I have a P3.06, 1Gb RAM which i currently use with a Radeon 9800 Pro which has served me flawlessly.

A couple of questions if I may....

1. What is the best current card in the £250 range and would i see a lot of difference over my exisiting one?

2. I want to keep my existing card and put into a Athlon 3000 system - I have had a few problems with the exisiting card and I dont know if it was due to a fault or overheating. Are Athlons more prone to problems than Intel - Ive recently upgraded the PSU to a 650w triple fan so I would hope that would cope

Many Thx in advance

  carver 22:26 11 Dec 2004

Save your money and keep the graphics card you have. Unless you change to an athlon 64 you will not notice much difference to any games that are out at the moment. As long as you get more than 35 FPS the card you have is alright. If you are still wanting a new card have a read here click here it will give you an idea for a new card. But you have to remember that any new card will still be throttled by your CPU.

  gudgulf 23:06 11 Dec 2004

I beg to differ---well a little anyway,lol

A lot of modern diectx9 games are more governed by GPU rather CPU performance.Yes,ultimately a faster CPU will render better results but P4's are a good gaming option it you don't have an Athlon64 bit.Have a look at Tom's Hardware Guide's CPU tests to see what I mean.

My example is my own pc,which runs a P4 2.8GHz (running at 3GHz) with an ATI x800pro (bios modded to release the full 16 pixel pipelines and XT clock speeds).This gives me the following Benchmark scores: Aquamark-- 60,000/3Dmark 2005--5200/3Dmark 2001--19,600.

This compares well with the best on offer at the moment and it will run all current games at max resolution and settings with AA enabled as well.
Don't get me wrong here,your 9800 will give a good performance but you will be able to play current and forthcoming games with the likes of a base model GFX6800 to a much higher level of detail.Throw in support for the latest pixel shader 3/full support for DirectX 9.0c technology and you have a degree of future proofing as well.Trawl the web and look for any offers on the 6800GT model--if you can stretch to one of these you wont regret it.

Dont overlook the ATI offerings either if you can find one at the right price but make sure you go for an XT (16 pixel pipeline) model to get the full performance

  Starfox 23:46 11 Dec 2004

click here for a choice of cards within your budget that will work well with your P4 3.06
but unless your'e a hardcore gamer I would stick with what you have for now.

  simonp1 10:15 12 Dec 2004

Quite simply 6800GT..

click here

This shows you all the current GF cards around..

and here is a very good place to buy from

click here

  BeesFan 10:47 12 Dec 2004

Thx to all that have responded......

Seeing as my P4 (that was my pride and joy 18 mths ago LOL) may now be a restricting factor, does anyone have any views on fitting a cheaper 6600 GT?

I know the performance wont be as uber, but will it improve over my 9800 Pro? If it does, I will happily get one and pop the Rad into my 2nd machine

Ta much!!

  simonp1 11:23 12 Dec 2004

click here

Well yes it will improve, but for the money you would have to pay then i wouldnt bother TBH..If your going to upgrade then go for the 6800gt..

  gudgulf 12:49 12 Dec 2004

I'm with simonp1.......Your original card is good.Good enough to rank alongside most of the medium priced current graphics cards.It does not come even close to the 6800GT however unless you play your games at low resolution.

As for your processor....It still rocks as far as gaming is concerned and you would definitely get full value out of a 6800GT.You wont need to upgrade again for a good long while with one of those on board.

Certainly better value than a full new pc with an Athlon64 that would only be a handful of percentage points faster than yours.

  BeesFan 15:12 12 Dec 2004

You rotten sods! LOLOL

My plastic is creaking as it is - now its gonna have to have a 6800GT added to it :-)

Very final question on the subject - definitely choose the 6800GT over the Radeon X800??

  gudgulf 20:13 12 Dec 2004

I have a radeon x800,but went in the shop for a 6800GT--they didn't have one in stock!

In reality there is little to choose in performance depending on the driver you use and the game.Some favour ATI and some Favour NVidia.I don't favour one over the other but as I mentioned above the NVidia card offers full hardware support for the forthcoming DirectX games and pixel shader 3 which makes it the more future proof.

So look for a 6800GT, but if you end up with an x800xt like mine you wont be dissapointed with that either.

  [email protected] 22:18 12 Dec 2004

Is your current system too slow now? A Pentium 4 with a 9800 pro should still be a very fast computer and run all of the latest games.

Personally, I would stick with what you have now until it is more out-dated and then replace it. The 9800 pros should be capable of playin the latest games well for while yet.

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