Looking for a new desktop computer!

  EoinMcG 22:56 21 Feb 2011

Looking for a new desktop computer within a price range of up to around £600. Looking to be able to use it for gaming and work, wondering what the best I could get is!

  robertmonkford 17:46 22 Feb 2011

Hi EoinMcG,

If you're looking to buy a full system (complete with keyboard / mouse / monitor), then I'd suggest someone like Novatech or Scan. I've ordered parts from them before and they seem pretty solid; Novatech staff are also really helpful and very friendly without being pushy either. They are also large companies so availability of choice and parts should be very high and that means price should fall into your price range :)

If you're just after a base unit, (no monitor, mouse, keyboard - handy if you have these parts already), then I'd suggest either of the two companies listed above, or the place where I got mine - I've posted about them before so I won't fill up this thread, but I have no complaints from service received from any of these three.

I've heard Ebuyer may be a viable option but I've never used them before.

Hope it helps.

  ukpostcode 18:19 22 Feb 2011

Great builds, reliability & support if you need it.
And if they dont do what you need ring them up and they will be able to help you, it's so easy dealing with them!

  Big L 266 19:47 22 Feb 2011


I would recommend Dell. My 'Bessie' came from them two years ago. She's a Dell Studio 540 and has been well looked after. If I've had any problems with Bessie, Dell support has been outstanding. When I wanted a new soundcard put it,I rang Dell and got both my soundcard from them,and their engineer to put it in the latter of which cost me very little. I was recently offered three extra years home cover for the silly price of £80.This means if anything goes wrong,Dell engineers will come out even on a Saturday to fix her. I have been treated exceptionally well by Dell and would have no hesitation in buying from them.

Bessie of course is two years old and I celebrated her birthday in a PCA thread.

Big L 266

  jakimo 19:32 23 Feb 2011

Have a browse of PCA pC reviews

click here

  GaT7 21:24 23 Feb 2011

For gaming, get the best graphics card (GPU) that you can afford for your budget. But may depend on the games, so give us a few examples.

Does your budget include/exclude a monitor?

When you say 'work', what does this entail exactly? G

  timsmith259 22:04 23 Feb 2011

try ebuyer

  EoinMcG 15:38 02 Mar 2011

My budget does not include a monitor i'm just looking for a new base unit. I'm looking to be able to play the newest Total War game: Shogun 2, with no lags etc.. Therefore would it be best for me to just buy a new graphics card for my old base unit or would it be better to buy a whole new base unit all together?

Thanks for the really good response!

  KremmenUK 10:58 03 Mar 2011

Novatech gets my vote as well :)

very good after sales support via their dedicated forum.

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