Looking for a new computer - around £800.

  07patty 12:05 13 Jan 2010

Hi :)
i'm looking for a new computer that would be around £800, without a monitor, as i will buy this separately.

i've looked at various sites such as Mesh, Computer Planet and Eclipse.
All of those sites look good, is there anything bad anybody has to say about them?

My main uses for this computer would be photo-editing and occasional gaming (games such as Burnout Paridise, Need for Speed, Crysis etc).

I have no idea which of these companies would be best, all the companies i've mentioned have good prices.

an AMD Phenom 965, 4GB DDR3 Ram, and a graphics card equivalent to an ATI 5770 would be good. Not too bothered about the hard drive as long as it's over 250GB, operating system would be windows 7 64bit.

Thank you, look forward to your advice :)

  OTT_B 12:30 13 Jan 2010

250GB seems like quite a small hard drive for your usage. As a guide, look at the total *used* space on your current drive, double it then double it again. That will give the size drive you should be looking at.

Do you already have the operating system, or is that to be included in your budget?

As a personal thing, i'd steer clear of the Phenoms. The Intel range is far better, IMO.

click here
the Pro version, including OS comes, to £739.

  07patty 12:40 13 Jan 2010

yeah 250GB minimum, to be honest i wouldn't need anymore than that, i would probably go with a 500GB in the end.

Windows 7 Home Premium will be included in my budget please :) don't mind if the budget spills over a bit though.

thanks, i'll have a look.

  OTT_B 14:07 13 Jan 2010

On a normal (i.e. not SSD) drive, aim never to use more than 50% of its capacity.

If going over your budget a little you could add an SSD drive to use for the operating system and applications. Keep a normal HDD to store files on.

Any of the companies mentioned in this thread will add the SSD drive if you phone and ask (assuming it's not an option already).

  AL47 00:28 14 Jan 2010

the phenom is a very good choice, i have ended up with the i7 920 but almost went 965 amd,

the 5850 is the card im going for, the 5770 is good tho and probs cheaper

  GaT7 18:25 14 Jan 2010

The difference in price between a 250Gb & 500Gb hard drive is under £10, so it makes sense to go for the larger capacity.

For your budget, a HD5850 will be the one to go for - see this recent thread with a £700 budget click here (It would ideeal, but very inconvenient, if you could change to a basic, lower-consumption card when not gaming).

Also check out Chillblast click here, Arbico click here, CyberPower click here & Overclockers click here. G

  GaT7 18:26 14 Jan 2010

(It would be ideal, but very inconvenient, if you could change to a basic, lower-consumption card when not gaming). G

  donki 16:32 15 Jan 2010

IMO if you are on a budget Id go for a Phenom II, yes the intel i5 and i7 have better perfomance but "bang for buck" AMD is great. Both processors will meet your needs at the end of the day.

  citadel 17:05 15 Jan 2010

yoyotech warbird 750x. from yoyotech.co.uk

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