Looking for a new college laptop/ultrabook that can also be used for gaming.

  thcryder 22:17 10 Jul 2013

I am looking to buy a laptop that will last 4 years of college(at least), and that will hold up well playing WoW occasionally and possibly BF4 if a laptop can even handle a game like that. I've done research on both and I'm not sure if the i5 haswell or the i7 IVB would suit me better. They're both similarly priced so I'm really in need of help! Thanks!

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  spuds 09:41 11 Jul 2013

This very same question comes up on a regular basis, so perhaps a look in the archives on previous post might provide quite a number of options?.

The website was 'playing up' yesterday, so perhaps you will get a better response later on, from the members who regular respond to posts of this kind. I have just 'bumped' it back into circulation for you.

  Forum Editor 17:33 11 Jul 2013

As spuds says, we get this question a few times every summer. Last year's responses may not still be valid - the technology world moves at a frightening pace.

Manufacturers tend to launch special machines for the university college market, so there should be a reasonable selection to choose from. Four years is an eternity in the computer world, and it's impossible to future-proof yourself entirely.

Watch your thread for further responses over the next 48 hours or so.

  thcryder 21:03 11 Jul 2013

Thank you both. I would just like to know which is a better choice for me out of the two I've listed.

  bluesbrother 00:20 12 Jul 2013

I can't comment on the Dell as I've never had one.

I do have an i5 HP laptop. I bought it two years ago and it is now almost unusable.

The build quality is VERY poor. One of the screws holding the case together ripped out two weeks after the warranty expired, and the machine overheats very quickly.

My daughter, against my advice, bought an AMD based HP laptop. Less than 3 months later the screen failed.

Do some research on after sales service, HP's is terrible.

  Nontek 10:47 12 Jul 2013

The i7 CPU is very much the better of the two choices IMHO. Also against HP - far too much Bloatware in my experience, not sure about Bloatware on Dell, but I am sure there will be quite a bit.

I am guessing you are not in UK, but if my guess is wrong, then I recommend Novatech Guaranteed No Bloatware at all!

  Nontek 10:48 12 Jul 2013

PS - Novatech's after-sales is probably the best anywhere.

  thcryder 14:35 12 Jul 2013

The after market support is important, but not as important as the actual performance for what I need it for. I want to know if the i5 haswell chip can hold up to the i7 IVB chip graphics wise and performance wise. Which would be better in that aspect?

P.s Thanks for your responses thus far.

  rdave13 17:27 12 Jul 2013

Side-by-side the HP has a bigger drive, Dell has a mobo SSD and a lower storage drive. Processor possibly higher on the Dell and weighs less than the HP.

More cells in the Dell battery so it might mean a better life. GPU a tad better on the HP.

4 X USB 3 ports on the Dell, 2 X USB 3 and 1 USB 2 on the Dell.

Just my opinion only: I'd go for the HP.

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