Looking for a laser printer

  WhiteTruckMan 20:57 25 Apr 2010

Hi all.
I'm looking round for a laser printer and wondered if anyone had any recommendation.

I need a mono (black only) printer. Definitely *not* a colour one.

I don't need a built in scanner/copier, card reader, touchscreen, wireless, coffee pot hotplate etc or any other fancy gadget.

But I DO need the ability to print double sided. And do it properly by itself. Not like one printer I looked at, the brother HL-2037 which purported to be a double sided printer but in fact incorporated a feature that tells you when to turn the paper over! I might as well stick with my old samsung ml 1215 for that!

Hopefully not be a hulking great monster that needs a sturdy table to support it.

Finally, needs to be in the sub-£100 mark.

Any ideas anyone, or is this too big an ask?


  HondaMan 23:57 25 Apr 2010

Hi, WTM. Getting a mono printer below £100 is no problem. The problem will be duplexing as this can add a lot to the complexity involved. Is there any chance you can increase your budget?

  WhiteTruckMan 00:07 26 Apr 2010

I might be able to go a bit more, maybe 110-120 for the right machine. But anyone who has been following my little adventure in speakers corner will possibly realise that my budget is very tight indeed.


  Simsy 07:28 26 Apr 2010

click here

Most suppliers seem to list this at considerably above £100

Good luck, (with everything!)



  jack 10:43 26 Apr 2010

Morgan Computers?
- They are still around

click here

  WhiteTruckMan 19:35 26 Apr 2010

the one in simsys link.

What is a maximum monthly volume though? Sounds like something ypou wpould find in a rental agreement.


  Simsy 20:34 26 Apr 2010

That it's an indication of it's durability.

20,000 pages a month, assuming Mon-Fri only, is 1000 pages per day, every day. That's some hammering for something with moving parts that get hot!.

I'm just guessing though!

If that doesn't come off, I bought a cheap Samsung mono laser for my sister about 18 months ago. It's not duples, so it wouldn't suit you, but it only cost about £60 and I was very impressed with the build quality, and print quality... enough that I would certainly look at that make again if I were in the market for one.

Good luck,



  interzone55 21:47 26 Apr 2010

This is much as Simsy says.

This figure gives an indication of the sturdiness of a printer. Cheap domestic printers are not really designed for much more than 500 pages a month. In an office environment that figure is more like a daily requirement...

  HondaMan 10:43 27 Apr 2010

looks great, so great, I'm considering one for my ordinary printing!

  Woolwell 11:03 27 Apr 2010

But some of the reviews aren't that great click here

  Diemmess 09:47 28 Apr 2010

Bought at an offer price a year or so ago, and haven't looked back

Fast printing, Duplex available in the menu, fine quality and best of all (the reason I bought it) no nonsense with paper transport which plagued an Epson predecessor.

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