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Looking for a high-end silent graphics card

  Bailey08787 18:46 01 Jul 2009

Ideally it would have passive cooling, but that seems to really limit my choices.

I've found an ATI 4850, but for £130, it doesn't seem that much of a bargain.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a graphics card group test that has compared noise levels?


  carver 07:47 02 Jul 2009

Here's some for you

click here

click here

As retep888 said the 2 don't go together unless you are prepaired to spend.

Whats it for?

  Bailey08787 15:18 02 Jul 2009

thanks for the replies

I'm building myself a new pc, that I'm hoping will zip along and play the latest generation of games without breaking sweat

at the moment I have a 8600gt in my system which is passively cooled, and I like the silence.

I'm not brave enough to go down the watercooler route, so was hoping there'd be a good passively cooled card out there, ideally fanless

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