Looking for a GOOD laptop!

  inuaddict 13:27 27 Dec 2011

Hello! So as the title indicates, I'm looking for a new laptop. I'm just about ready to chuck my current laptop in the garbage, as it has been nothing but headache since I purchased it! I currently have the HP Pavilion dv6-1260se Artist Edition 2, purchased from Best Buy 2ish years ago. It over heated constantly (it's currently in the shop having its hard drive replaced for the second time...), many sound problems, the custom theme was really buggy, battery life sucked... just not a good laptop for me :(. So! since it's warranty is almost up, I'm starting my search for a new one. thing's i use my laptop for:

Sims 2 & 3 player (I play with a lot of custom/downloaded items), Online games such as S4, World of Warcraft, I watch TONNES of anime and movies, I'm constantly on the computer, so I'd prefer not to burn the skin off my lap after each use >.<, OH! and i am a student :).

I prefer to have the full keyboard, but it's not a necessity. I spend about $1600 after tax and 3 year warranty on my HP, so I'm looking to spend about the same.

Suggestions? I'll probably be purchasing it from Best Buy or Future Shop, mainly due to the warranty they offer.

Many thanks :)

  Ford Prefect 01 15:30 27 Dec 2011

Are you in the UK or the US?

I only ask as the models may well be different.

  inuaddict 23:43 27 Dec 2011

I'm actually in Canada.

  techboyz 16:15 12 Jan 2012

There are many types of laptops to look out for. During the holiday season you can get special promotions that may be offered.

I would suggest a desktop replacement laptop for you needs either a HP or Dell. You best bet is too look on their website.

For internet access click here mobile broadband is a good option. Some offers allow you to pay monthly too.

  rdave13 22:50 13 Jan 2012

  rdave13 22:57 13 Jan 2012

You'll need to spend about $1,567 to get a reasonable gaming laptop in my most humble opinion. Forget the extra warranty and if that makes it possible to get an even more expensive model, then go for it. Better specs for same price compared to two years ago. Toshiba maybe?

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