Looking for a good and cheap gaming pc

  underOATH 03:01 05 Aug 2005

I am looking to buy a good and cheap gaming PC. At the moment i am looking to pay £1000 for a good gaming PC that comes with speakers and a moniter etc. I am wondering what sites will offer the best deal, and if i should by parts seprate and build one up. If anyone can help me on this let me know. Thank you.

  harps1h 10:02 05 Aug 2005

if you want no hassle then go to a vendor like click here or thr like. i personally prefer to build and for £1000 you could build a good system. that said you could probably get better value getting a system, but by building you get the parts you want designed to your desires. it's up to[you to decide. personally i like the feeling of acheivement thay i get when i push the button and it fires up!

  PsiFox 10:38 05 Aug 2005

What harps1h says is correct.

Also if you are thinking of using a tft then ensure it has a suitable response time for gaming. tft's with a high response time will produce ghosting /blurring.

Find a monitor you like and then look for reviews before you purchase.

  Jdoki 11:10 05 Aug 2005

If you are working to a budget you can build an acceptable gaming PC for about 600 quid - look for the cheapest AMD64 you can get hold of (probably a 3000), PCIE motherboard, a 6600GT graphics card, and 1GB of value RAM, hunting around for a cheap TFT will be the toughest part (the Aria value 17" seem pretty good for gaming).

This will allow you to run quite a few current games at 1280x1024 and the rest at 1024x768 with an acceptable level of detail.

However this set up will start to struggle in 18 or so months time (although games should still be playable at lower detail settings). However, you will have an upgrade path for a better CPU and graphics card when you feel performance is lacking, or, depending on what motherboard you buy you could add a second graphics card of the same spec and boost your performance that way (you need an SLI compliant mobo for Nvidia grpahics cards).

If you are a serious gamer and want to experience all the eye candy then a AMD64 3500 with a 6800GT is probably a good bet (I have a similar set up and can play most stuff at 1600x1200 resolution).

And if budget is no option then a 7800GTX is the way to go, but that card alone costs over 400quid.

One option I have heard people choosing is to find an decent 'business machine' (i.e. good CPU and RAM but rubbish onboard or low end graphics - then buy and fit a new graphics card yourself - it can save some money)

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