Looking To Get A New Laptop - Recommendations Please!

  dazzawm 06:06 03 Aug 2014

Hi, I am after recommendations for a new laptop. I have a budget of upto £600. I won't be using it for gaming but I will be downloading and encoding a lot so a quite quick one would be needed for that. I also prefer it to be Windows 7 rather than 8 but I suppose all the new ones will have 8 on them now.

Who are generally the best, Dell, HP etc..?

Amy links would be appreciated also. Thanks

  spuds 12:06 03 Aug 2014

I notice that its about six hours since posting with no responses yet?.

This very subject comes up on a very regular basis, possibly every week, so there is quite a lot of information and suggestions available in the PCA archives on this subject matter.

Trying to provide one or a number of links would be time consuming, and might not give the answers you seek, so perhaps best if you look in the archives for more immediate help?.

If you are not sure how to look into the archives, then come back, and perhaps someone will respond?.

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