Looking to get a new computer - Appreciate any advice

  qekols 19:23 28 Dec 2014

I dont know much about computer hardware, but both my current computers are really not functioning very well, they are a pentium 4 for 2006 and a i3 laptop from 2008.

So I guess its time for me to upgrade as my current computers struggle with the mulitple things that I have going on which are resource hungry, mainly data feeds, work programmes and excel models

Really got lost with all different options out there i5/i7/xeons/amd

Would really appreciate any advice or what I should be looking out for I would prefer a tower/desktop pc this time and for it work with either 3 or 4 screens.

Thanks !!!

  spuds 12:01 29 Dec 2014

A little bit more information is required.

What is your budget, and what are your general requirements and daily expectations for the computer you require to now meet those needs.

  qekols 13:09 29 Dec 2014

Hi, I need it for work mainly, I'll be using quite resource heavy applications and have quite a few open at the same time. Lots of excel work as well.

In terms of expectations - i hope that i can use applications realitivly seemlessly, i currently use different computers for different tasks at the moment.

I was hoping to get a pc for around £600-750, but if prepared to spend more if need be to get a good pc. I have to buy monitors and brackets so thinking that will come to another £350 as well.

  rickf 09:19 30 Dec 2014

For that budget I would definitely go for an i7 4th generation cpu with at least 8g Ram. Don't see how you would have any problems with that setup.

  ton 14:12 18 Jan 2015

I recently bought one of these, very pleased with it. You can change the setup you want and have Win7 or 8. click here

  LucidTwo 13:36 22 Jan 2015

Hi qekols,

£600 - £750 will buy you a great machine. As rickf noted, an i7 4th gen with 8gb RAM is within budget.

When you're looking at different makes/models, stick to these rules:

  1. Use a well known brand (HP, Toshiba, Asus, Acer, Sony, etc.) as these offer good customer support if you have problems.

  2. If its for work, try to buy one with a next business day repair service. You'll pay more, but you won't be without a laptop if it fails. HP and Toshiba are excellent from experience.

  3. Make sure it has an SSD (solid state drive) as standard. Outside of crunching lots of numbers in Excel, general system performance and responsiveness is most heavily reliant upon the data storage device, of which an SSD is many, many times faster than a HDD (mechanical hard disk drive). 120gb is generally fine for most people, unless you store a lot of music/movies/photos on the laptop, in which case go for a 256gb SSD or use an external storage device.

  4. Look for an Intel processor model that starts with i5-4xxx or i7-4xxx. These are the latest 4th generation models, which are faster and have better battery life. The bigger the xxx number, the faster and if this trails with a 'U' it has better battery life.

  5. 4gb RAM at an absolute minimum, but 6 or 8gb would be recommended for using lots of apps simultaneously.

  6. If it doesn't come with Windows 8.1 64-bit installed as standard, make sure a recovery disk is included to do this yourself on first use. This is only really relevant if you have 6gb or more of RAM.

Filtering out laptops that meet the above criteria will ensure you get a superb machine that will work perfectly for your needs, then you can make your selection from this list based on the size, weight and cost, which are entirely down to your preference.



  mole1944 15:18 22 Jan 2015

Save all your data then do a fresh install,that gets rid of all the crud you've accumulated and if your machine was ok to start with then putting it back to factory setting sort things out and save you money.

  ton 21:08 22 Jan 2015

LucidTwo He did say he wanted a desktop PC

  qekols 18:19 29 Jan 2015

Thanks everyone, Question with reagrds to the processer, is there a major difference between the different i7 4xxx processer or not really large enough for me to worry about, im after a tower pc.

Is there any particular brand of the internals(processer/ram/harddrive) that i should watch out for or ignore.

What graphics card should i get or will the internal graphics card work. I will need the computor for 4 screens

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