Looking to extend monitor cable

  Mr Scone 22:58 23 Apr 2003

I'd like to be able to move my monitor into tthe next room so i can watch DVDs in there without the constant noise made by the PC. I have seen several leads to extend the cable but i am not sure which type i need (I have a mesh PC and a Mitsubushi Diamond pro 920 19" monitor).

Looking in watford's Savastore they have many cables but all have different connectors & names & numbers and i want to be sure i get the right one can someone please help?

Options like

CGA/EGA Monitor Signal Extension Cable, 3m (3.50 + VAT)


VGA/SVGA Monitor Extension Cable, HDDB15 M-F 3m (£4.75 + VAT)


Monitor VGA Cable 15M to 15M 3m (£9.99 + VAT)

or (and i like the sound of this one)

OmniView Monitor Extender - Up to 75m (£27 + VAT)

There are several other combinations of male-male and male-female etc. Which is the right one? I like the long 75m one because then i could watch DVD's in any room, but will this work?

Thanks in advance


  Mr Scone 22:59 23 Apr 2003

ps heres the link to the cables i found

click here

  Mr Scone 09:03 24 Apr 2003


  Rayuk 17:32 24 Apr 2003

Does the cable you have,have the same connector at each end.
It should be a VGA cable at £9.99.
Have you got the manual for your monitor to check.

  Mr Scone 23:34 24 Apr 2003

Downloaded the manual and found out the cable is a sc-b104 VGA cable. Has the same connector at each end too (male). o you think i can use the 75m extension?



  DieSse 02:27 25 Apr 2003

I think you may be mistaken about the Omniview. What I think you have looked at is just the extension cable. This needs to be partnered with the omniview box - which contains the electronics required to drive such a long cable. you can see it on the Belkin site click here at $69 - this is much more then the price on the site you lnked to.

I would caution that in my experience, all simple cable extensions have a bad effect on the monitor display - the vga cable length is very limited, and extension cable , even at to 2 meters usually produce noticeable artifacts on the disply. the artifacts may not be particularly noticeable on films, but are very noticeable on standard "data" screens.

The omniview type products are much superior - and necessary for much longer cables - but be warned about the box + cable needed.

  DieSse 02:38 25 Apr 2003

Or it's just possible it may be the box, but without the cable - one thing is for sure - it won't be both, as a 75m cable will itself be very expensive.

  DieSse 03:09 25 Apr 2003

Have a look here at cable prices click here just see how expensive long ones are!!!!

I now finally think you were just looking at the box (although the only actual picture I could find was on the Belkin site) - but it isn't clear whether the power supply is included - I'm inclined to think not.

Looking at two UK sources for this, they are both masterpieces of the inexact and misleading.

  Mr Scone 09:26 25 Apr 2003

Thanks DieSse, i'll have to think carefully about whether i'll get one or not. I lloked at the price of those cables and the price of this little project seems to be rising sharply. I didn't realise you needed any other cables with the omniview so thanks for letting me know before i went ahead and bought it and disapointed myself.

I'll post back again when i have decided what o do

Thanks again


  Muzziad 09:57 25 Apr 2003

i'm not sure whether the Mitsubishi has built in speakers (even if it does it they won't be much good for DVDs) but if not then the price will rise a little bit more as you'll need to cable speakers into the additional room as well.

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