looking to buy sony vaio laptop. any advice?

  jobsworthwanted 13:40 17 Mar 2011

As the title suggests I am looking at buying a sony vaio laptop. i have picked out a customizable configuration.

# Intel® CoreTM i7-640M, 2.80GHz 3mb L3 cache
# Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
# English (QWERTY)
# Black
# 500 GB Serial ATA (5400 rpm)
# 6 GB 1066MHz DDR3-SDRAM
# Blu-ray Disc(TM) writer
# 39.4 cm LCD, 1366x768 + webcam
# ATI MobilityRadeon HD5650 1GB

this setup will cost me £950 (bearing in mind I can claim back the vat to bring the price down to around £790)

i would be most grateful if i could get some feedback on what i have selected. In particular is it worth paying the extra for the i7 processor, or should I save myself £70 and go for the Intel® CoreTM i5-480M, 2.66GHz with 3 MB L3 Cache? would you advise any other changes to the configuration?

Alternately would you recommend another laptop entirely?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

  jobsworthwanted 00:00 18 Mar 2011

would really appreciate some input on this! I'm really keen to make a purchase but would very much like to hear from people in the know! my current laptop is on its last legs, and i want to make a solid purchase. its a lot of money to me, and I do not wish to waste it!

Many thanks to anyone who can help me out.

ps don't take my username as an insult, its not intended that way

  sunnystaines 08:18 18 Mar 2011

mine is about 3 years old would not get another.

good build & reliable, but parts very expensive, found support poor.

  jobsworthwanted 15:18 18 Mar 2011

Reliability and good build quality are really what I'm looking for, I'm not too worried about the support. To explain further, I will shortly be undertaking a course to work my way through the Microsoft certifications, hopefully ending with network administration. I will also be using PhotoShop and doing some gaming.

It is very important to me that I buy a good machine, with some longevity to it,

Any advice will be gratefully received

  ajm 10:58 19 Mar 2011

Sony machines are good; I used to own a 3-year old SZ series 13.3" laptop until recently. It served me very well. The only problem was finding drivers/software when I upgraded from Windows Vista Business to Windows 7 Pro, especially for the function keys. This was not very important as I have no need fr these.

Like you, I used the machine for network administration for a few clients whom I look after their systems, and it served me very well.

At the moment I am using a Apple MacBook with Parallels installed running Windows 7 and for the moment it is doing everything I want. This way I am able to support my clients who have Windows and Macs.

You have not specified which model of the Sony laptop you were thinking of getting and the screen size.

Please also note that Windows 7 Home Premium will not have the capability to connect to a domain network, only Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate.

Please ask if you need further advise.

  SANAP 11:52 19 Mar 2011

why not do a google first on the va10 and then look at a similar spec on a DELL.


  jobsworthwanted 13:52 19 Mar 2011

It's a custom configuration vain e series with a 15'5 screen. I have looked at dell and the price does not seem any better, I also prefer the build of the vaio

  jobsworthwanted 13:57 19 Mar 2011

I have had many people tell me that the i7 CPU I listed is not very good? Some people have suggested waiting for the second generation but I am against the clock. What is the general opinion on the i5 I mentioned?

Many thanks

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