Looking to buy new computer Demonite??

  Europa 18:06 05 Jun 2004

Anyone heard of them? click here
I am looking to buy my next PC and at the moment I am looking around. So far I shortlisted Mesh, Armada computers, used to like Poweroids but they charge you on top if you pay by credit card, that's one of a few things that made me discard them fron the list. Evesham is third favorite for what seems an outstanding (or near enough)customer service) but they are a bit more expensive. I've found the demonite site through the Carrera website, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them. I don't know yet if I will go for an Athlon 64, Demonite are selling Athlon 2500 and 2800 overclocked up to Athlon 3200, it seems interesting but I don't know what their customer support are like after they shipped your computer.
Thanks in advance

  961 19:39 05 Jun 2004

Had a quick look round the site. The bit that put me off was "overclocked as standard" I know I'm boring, and old, but I just can't see the point, I'm afraid.

Why not select a processor at a speed guaranteed by the manufacturer? If you want a fast one..fine. If you don't need a speedy job, that's ok too

I don't know what the after sales service is like either but I do know that Novatech or Dell or Poweroid will sell you a good computer at a cracking price and they will provide a good back up

I may be quite wrong and I'm not looking for trouble from those that know better but is the whole reason for overclocking not really to be able to crack on that you've got something for nothing? Why bother?


  Europa 20:58 05 Jun 2004

I appreciate your input,961, even if you are old and boring (well, that's what you say). I understand your point of view, but Dell is more P4 and I kind of want to stay with what I know (Athlon), and of course I will not deny that Novatech are making good computers but they don't leave much room for customisation. Of course Poweroid is making excellent computers and was my fave for a while until I searched their website and realise that they were charging I think 3per cent on top of the computer price if you were to buy with a credit card, furthermore they are not keen on onsite warranty, I think you can have an onsite warranty as an upgrade. More a few upgrades that I would need to do and a saturday delivery wich I need for work reasons, I think it would cost more than a mesh or an armada system with the same specifications. I think you should have an onsite warranty for at least the first year, in case one of the component is faulty, or something happened during transport, I was told if something will go wrong, it will be during the first year, after that you're in the clear (supposedly). All what I know is that I need to buy a new system to replace my Athlon 850, and right now is bloody hard to decide whether I go for an Athlon with barton core or an Athlon 64 3200, knowing of the forthcoming changes(PCI Express, etc). So at the moment I am looking around, and ask for advice.

  961 09:36 06 Jun 2004

For a start I agree with "on-site" for the first year, although it seems to me from posts on this forum and elsewhere that some on-site warranties turn out to be less on-site than others

Secondly I too favour AMD, both for value and for stability of design. The socket A configuration has lasted for some years while Intel seems to have a change much more often

This leads me to the view that, at the moment, you should go for a relatively cheap Socket A Barton core and plan to change motherboard and processor at the next upgrade, or alternatively, wait a couple of months for the new pin Athlon 64 at a higher price which will(hopefully) allow a simple upgrade of processor only next time round

I fully realise that you can't predict these things with any great accuracy but that does seem to be the choice on offer at the moment

  Rayuk 10:12 06 Jun 2004

SocketA will be the first to disappear,as the 754 socket will become AMDs budget range,and the 939 will be mainstream.

The 939 will be out soon but at a premium price and not in vast numbers .and of course these boards are usually by past episodes beta tested by retail customers to weed out hardware conflicts etc.

Personally I would be looking at Athlon64 range,forget paying them for overclocking the cpu you could do this yourself if you are that way inclined.

  rickimalone 18:10 06 Jun 2004

My friend bought a Demonite PC last year and is absolutley over-the moon with it, right from build quality to performance it's a 2500-O/C to 3000.

He had a problem with a faulty fan and they were very quick with dealing with it. If you see a PC they are selling that you like get it.

In terms of CPU I went with socket 754 AMD64 3000+ and am very happy indeed with it.

  hugh-265156 18:40 06 Jun 2004

there was a review of the overx3200 click here in custom pc mag a few months back and they raved about it.

the only bad points if i remember correctly was they thought the monitor supplied didnt do the rest of the system justice but can be easily upgraded at purchase.

  Europa 18:42 06 Jun 2004

The problem I've got at the moment with buying an Athlon 64 is that later they will change the graphics card from AGP to PCI express, which means that pretty soon after buying my computer I will have to upgrade to accommodate the new graphics card. I have seen somewhere that NVidia and ATI have launched two new graphics cards and it is said that those will be the last AGP cards.
It's like they made half the changes and say that they'll change the rest at a later date. And I don't know how long I will have to wait to have an Athlon 64 with PCI express. I am not one for upgrading myself,at least not with a brand new computer still under warranty, of course I suppose I could use AGP cards for a good couple of years before the games I play on the computer starts playing up,and at least I'll have the right upgrade from the start for when the 64 bits applications appears. On the other hand, once I customise an AMD Athlon with socket A Barton core,
as I want 1Gb memory, top of the range graphics card,etc., it is not that cheaper compare to the same customisation with an Athlon64, and that is for something that will be extinct pretty soon.

  rickimalone 22:59 06 Jun 2004

With that outlook noone would ever buy anything, also when this new products arrive you pay a big premium for that new tecg.

Everyone gets a bit too caried away, a computer with an AMD 2500+ good amount of RAM and a ATI Radeon 9600 Pro, all been around for over a couple of years now will still run preey much anything you throw at today tommorow and for a while.

The same with AMD64 now if you bought a AMD64 3400+ with a AGP ATI X800 XT you could run preety muc anytjing for a very long time with no need to upgrade for anything other than bragging rights.

If you ask 100 people what PC they are happily using I bet a small percentage have got the latest gear by far......

  ste_bla 09:51 07 Jun 2004

I have 2 computers and apart from new games Im happy with my 1.4 athlon and 512 pc133 ram and my mmx440 64mb graphics as it is actually quiter and cooler!!

  accord 18:49 07 Jun 2004

custom pc mag always gives a good write up on demonite pcs. mainly because they are good at overclocking.

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