Looking to Buy a Internal Sony DVD Writer - DRU500

  ajm 01:16 07 Apr 2003

i am looking to buy a Sony DVD Writer for my PC. The model number is DRU500AX. I have looked everywhere and there is none in stock in the UK. Does anyone have this particular writer and what are their experiences about it. Where can i find one?

  Spook Tooth 02:48 07 Apr 2003

Only place I've ever seen this model is a little quiet independent store in south Manchester - I'll post the name and any contact numbers should i come across any.

There are UK supply problems, Sony the representatives themselves have declared, they cannot say when further supply will arrive. This news I found from the supplier, click here. They will be as in the dark as everyone else, so your best bet is to contact Sony direct and they will be in the dark too, it seems.

  crx16 03:12 07 Apr 2003

i have the DW-U10a,which is the OEM version,same specs but comes bare without any software/cables or screws.may be worth searching for this to.

click here claim to have new stock of the OEM on 08/04/03.

  crx16 20:14 07 Apr 2003

the above link now has them in stock (a day early)

  Bronto1 23:44 07 Apr 2003

Hi crx
I've just got the DW-U10a, but haven't bought any DVD media yet. What brand would you suggest I try - looking for R and RW's but not sure whether to go for + or -.

Any advice appreciated.

  crx16 23:54 07 Apr 2003

as always i recommend the trial packs,that give you a selection of media.ive burned lots of brands and have no problems to report.

click here (+)click here (-) from svp.

  crx16 23:36 08 Apr 2003

retail version DRU-500AX.but only one left in stock.click here

  crx16 22:54 09 Apr 2003

it seems NEC have a dual format DVD writer,due out next month.about the same specs as sony.

lets hope there's a good supply,maybe at least it could help get the price down.

click here

  Bronto1 22:59 09 Apr 2003

Thx crx

I've just ordered a trial pack of + dvd's and I'm looking forward to trying them out.

  rickf 23:27 09 Apr 2003

Its £198 at click here as from today. Sent to me by email.

  crx16 23:46 09 Apr 2003

i think you mean the sony dru110,which is only single format.they do have both retail/OEM of the DRU500/DWU-10a at £258/£290.but not in stock (as usual)

and i cant see the NEC1300 on there.

still its somewhere else to keep an eye on.

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