looking to buy a £1100 gaming pc

  Denzil056 23:25 21 Oct 2012

Basically I have around £1100 to spend on a gaming pc. I have a monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers and headset. I don't need a sound card. I would prefer a custom built pc so parts can be chosen but I don't have to build it. I looked at a few on ebay like the one in this link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GINGER6-iV60-62W-INTEL-QUAD-CORE-i7-16GB-GTX680-2TB-WINDOWS-7-GAMING-COMPUTER-PC-/190739999702?pt=UKComputingDesktopPCs&hash=item2c68fd6bd6 What would your opinion be on something like that? or is there a better place in the UK to buy them? I have built a pc myself before, but need this to be sorted fast so really would prefer one that gets built before it's sent, thanks for any help.

  The Kestrel 22:19 22 Oct 2012

Cougar Extreme http://www.cougar-extreme.co.uk/ will build a gaming PC to your specifications.

  [email protected] 22:47 22 Oct 2012

When you're spending that much money on a PC I'd be reluctant to buy from ebay because if anything goes wrong further down the road then you may have a difficult time getting any support from the seller.

I quickly built a computer on Cougar Extreme's website there with:

i5 3570K


Nvidia 680 GT



and it came to £1100. Make sure when choosing your Power Supply that you go with a good branded one. Avoid PSUs made by CiT and Powercool for example - they're not very good.

  [email protected] 22:49 22 Oct 2012

an even better one for the same price on the Novatech website that Jock1e linked to.

  frybluff 15:46 23 Oct 2012

As already mentioned, avoid Ebay builds. They tend to have a couple of haedline items, like i7-3770K (that's pointless, for gaming) and GTX 680, which, while very potent, is poor value, and then make the rest out of total rubbish components, to get a low price. Something, like that suggested, by [email protected], would be much better. Even then, unless you are gaming at super high resolution ie 1440p or above, the GTX680 is not as good value as the GTX 670, which has almost the same real performance, at substantially lower cost. Another good place to look, assuming you REALLY don't want to build, yourself, is Chillblast. Even they tend to use some basic quality components, but if you pick a base unit, slightly inder £1000, it leaves you some scope, when "customising", to "upgrade" with, say, better case and PSU. Personally, I think you would be best to start with i5-3570K and GTX 670.

  nickf 19:34 24 Oct 2012

I strongly agree with previous posters . AVOID ebay builds . The are plenty of really good custom PC builders out there . I used Scan.co.uk for mine , but PC specialist , Computerplanet , novertech , ginger , and Arabico all offer a good choice of pre built , or custom built gaming rigs . I chose Scan because they had good prices and an excellent warranty ( I upgraded mine to 3yr onsite ) . good luck .

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