Looking for an All in One Printer + prints DVDs/CD

  Charliebrown05 23:08 22 Feb 2010

Hi there I'm simply looking for a good All in one Printer which also prints onto CD/DVDs. Any recommendations would be appreciated? I have looked at the now discontinued HP C5380 All in One Printer Copier Scanner...but I can't seem to get one in either used or new. The replacement for this Printer doesn't seem to print onto CDs/DVDs.
So can you help.....please

  morddwyd 09:23 23 Feb 2010


  Pepper9 22:08 23 Feb 2010

Epson Stylus Photo PX710W

  Charliebrown05 02:38 24 Feb 2010

Thanks guys, I have checked your suggestions.
The HP C8180 is way to expensive.....I was hoping to pay about £100 plus this model seems to have a CD writer which Lightscribes....no that doesn't interest me. I want to design my on covers in colour not etched onto a special disc. I have seen that and it doesn't "float my boat" Thanks for the recommendation.
The Epson would be a good choice but if it's like most Epson's then it will be a paper top loader.....I don't have lot room were I want to position this type of printer and I know I definitely wouldn't have room for a printer that has a paper top loader feed. Again thanks for the suggestion but it looks like Epsons are out of my search...pity that because I currently have an Epson and it has served me well but that wouldn't suit my new situation.

Thanks guys....keep the recommendations coming....please

  pjwheeldon 12:46 24 Feb 2010

I have had the earlier lower spec version for a while and it far outpaces the Epson and HP printers which preceded it.

Ver (in face very very) fast print and quality is superb. For CD/DVD printing, from hitting print to completion is about 20 secs.

click here

  chub_tor 15:30 24 Feb 2010

I have the Canon MP610 which has probably been superseded by the MP640. Can be obtained for about £135 and is wireless. click here

  Pepper9 16:09 24 Feb 2010

This is not a top loader - that is also my reason for getting it - I also had limited space. It loads from a tray under the "paper exit" at the front and the CD tray has a push button eject the CD tray for printing.

  Charliebrown05 19:11 24 Feb 2010

First of all Thank you to all who have taken part in this discussion.....I am well impressed with your recommendations. I don't know whether or not I have reached a decision or not but these options are helping me narrow down my choice

First of all the Canon PIXMA iP4700.....I'm well impressed with it. I've never had a Canon....so I don't know much about them in respect of Reliability and running costs etc. The first thing I like about it is it's price, about £80 the next is the speed it produces copies,the next is it has a DVD/CD tray for printing on discs. It also appears to have a very good scanner. The downside is that it is Black (black holds all the dust...especially in a bedroom...why do manufacturers go for Black!!!...HP doesn't) but I can live with that and the other thing is appears to be either a top loader feed tray or a top producing tray....I can't tell from the pictures. Can you help me with this? As I have said before I can't have top loader/producing tray because of the restriction of height room.

Second the Epson PX710 is amazing. It looks like it has everything I want (Except the Black and the price) It is a Front Loader (which is a change for Epsons) the cartridges appear to be cheap to buy (I suppose they don't last long...they appear to be quite small) It prints onto CD/DVDs which is also a front Loader as is the paper feed and the producing tray....all good.
Except the price.It appears to be about £171....way over my budget.

I know I am going to have to compromise on something but I believe that there is bound to be something out there that has most of the things I want....which is a three in one printer, which prints onto CDs/DVDs, that is reasonably priced and is reasonable to run and is not too large.

Nobody has suggested an HP.....is this because there isn't one or that most of you don't rate them? I would be interested to hear your comments. Maybe there isn't a printer out there that fills all my criteria....I don't know.

Thanks again for your help....one more push and we might have success

  john bunyan 19:21 24 Feb 2010

I have a Canon MP610 and it is very good, had a MP760 before. These MP's and printers, I am told by Cartridge World only last 3 - 4 years as ink pads get full etc. I like Canon as you can clean the print head (never needed by me) whereas I had an Epson where the ink Froze a month out of the one year warranty and no way would the cleaning cycle clear it. Some say Canons ar ink hungry - see a recent thread. I know that my local Cartridge World and London Camera Exchange both use Canons themselves. The MP610 is mainly silver grey!!

  keef66 11:13 25 Feb 2010

I've got the Canon iP4600 for it's photo printing quality and the CD printing facility. I'm assuming the 4700 is similar.

Excellent results, but the cost of Canon inks is still a bit wince inducing (£35 for the set of 5 inks is the cheapest I can find on the web)

Trouble is, I suspect I buggered up it's predecessor (also Canon) by using cheap compatible inks.

  keef66 11:15 25 Feb 2010

Hang on, just reread your OP. The 4700 is not a multi-function beast, just a very good printer

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