Looking for an AGP Graphics Card "with strings"

  northenstar 15:08 22 Jul 2006

I'm looking for some friendly advice on a grapics card upgrade. I've tried an NVidia 6600 GT but it was too much for my PSU.

I've replaced it with a Radeon 9550, until I can find something more suitable.

I'm looking for ideas that fit this spec:

Radeon (preferably) / AGP / no Molex or extra power from the PSU (power only from the Motherboard)

Any suggestions / links would be great.

Many thanks

  Totally-braindead 15:28 22 Jul 2006

As far as I know theres no such animal, sorry. The 9600 may not require an external source but I'm not sure, certainly the 9800 does as do anything above what you have already.
The GeForce cards are the same, they require extra power. Either stick with the 9550 or buy a new power supply.

  northenstar 15:42 22 Jul 2006

I had a Radeon 9800 Pro a couple of years ago, and that did not require a Molex. There must be something similar out there ?

  DieSse 15:56 22 Jul 2006

If your PSU is that close to it's limits, you'd be wise to purchase an uprated PSU.

You can also take the opportunity to get a good quality quiet unit, and benefit your ears too.

A good PSU is a very wise investment in all sorts of ways. Have a look here click here look to pay £50-60

  northenstar 15:58 22 Jul 2006

I'm really looking for just a card without having to do anything else to the PC to tide me over to Xmas (when I hope to get a new one)

  DieSse 16:09 22 Jul 2006

It won't be a waste - you can use it in a new system, along with your new graphics card perhaps.

Your new system will deserve a good quality PSU too - more so indeed.

  Totally-braindead 16:32 22 Jul 2006

DieSse makes a good point. If you buy a new PC at Xmas theres nothing to stop you using the new power supply in that. A lot of ready built PCs come with a poorer quality power supply in any case and can only be improved with upgrading to a quality power supply.
Regarding the graphics card though I think I should point out that new systems tend to come with PCI Express cards not AGP and if this is what you end up buying then it would be a waste unless of course you were selling it on.
When I had a 9800 Pro it did need a molex connector for power. I can only assume that if northenstars didn't there must be some difference between brands, which I was not aware of and have not seen. Perhaps he can remember the make?

  Cybermaxx 17:58 22 Jul 2006

My last card, a 9600XT, diidn't have any molex connectors. It's a bit out of date, though. I mean, it was alright-ish two years ago, but not now!

Stick a new PSU in! It's easy, and they aren't expensive. I'm using a 400w Jeantech PSU that I got form PC World for £30, and it's juicing this lot:-

P4 2.66
2 x 512Mb DIMMs
AGP 6800GT
Two IDE Hard drives
and a system exhaust.

(There, any excuse to list my spec.!)

Once you've fitted the new PSU (just think of the experience you'll gain, too), you can look for a bargain from the X800/6800 ranges of GPU. Or maybe the AGP 7600GT will arrive in the meantime. That should be a good 'un.

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