looking for 19" TFT Monitor

  david.h 09:06 11 Nov 2003

I am looking to replace my CRT 19" with a TFT 19".

I have seen a NOVATECH 19" ONLY £445 any one know anything about their monitors or can recommend another make at a reasonable price but with decent quality

  Big Elf 14:04 11 Nov 2003

I've been using one of the Novatech branded 15" TFTs for 2 years now. There were no dead pixels on receipt and none have since developed. DVD playback is good but as I'm not a gamer I don't know what it would be like with fast action.

Although their email support is non-existent phone support is excellent.

  david.h 18:40 11 Nov 2003

thanks everone for the replies, its given me more options

  david.h 17:38 12 Nov 2003

just had a tour round retail outlets, several have broken down monitors. dixons had one displayed as "latest technology" when i asked the sales boy why it had such a poor display and could he adjust it the reply was no its old stock you can't improve the picture.

after finding the above a bit worried what i my get mail order over the net, the dabs site looked good but the bad reports in the forum have put me off.

some web sites offer good prices but they do not display any real address or phone number just email and web cotact which worries me a little
saw a nice dell ultrasharp 19" only £419 from "cosuk" anyone heard of this outfit?

  david.h 18:31 12 Nov 2003

where did you see the iiyama

  david.h 18:56 12 Nov 2003

never heard of scan is it a shop or web based

  david.h 19:45 12 Nov 2003

just looked your suggested web site, very impressive

  david.h 15:48 13 Nov 2003

been to pc world all the monitors were poor quality, tried staples who had a mixture but the better samsung's would not work, I am awaiting a reply from novatech re the spec on the monitors on their web site but they seem slow to reply. the "scan" company were helpful not found any stores with the dell ultrasharp but a lot of ambigous web sites offering then. a lot of the monitors seem unable to show fine clear text, its like wearing someone else's glasses. anyone know of large computer showrooms in the london surrey area [not pc world though found them to be rubbish as far as monitors are concerned and the staff have poor knowledge on the products]

  david.h 19:58 13 Nov 2003

I do not use fast complex 3d games, but use office programmes, watching internet streaming media,dvd playback,simple games. main reason is to give me space on the table,but need sharp clear picture with good colours so many monitors seen in the stores have blurry text

  david.h 17:44 14 Nov 2003

just ordered a dell 18" from novatech £316 on a special offer they have just launched

thank to all who offered advice

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