Logitech MX700 Mouse Drivers

  Ancient Learner 13:04 09 Jun 2005

My mouse is not behaving itself sometimes, ( the left click won't pick up objects in games properly, occasionally).

So to start off finding a possible cause, I thought about making sure about the drivers being up to date. To the Logitech site, and I am dismayed to find that although there are umpteen mice mentioned, each by a pretty picture, the MX700 is not there. Has anyone any information on this. I tried to further the search, but like many of these big firms, they have taken lessons from Symantec, and I find it impenetrable.

  wallbash 14:03 09 Jun 2005

I agree its not easy

So I entered the p/n number on the bottom of the mouse ....851766-0000

This was entered in the search box , this brought up the correct driver down load

  Ancient Learner 15:14 09 Jun 2005

Thanks. I tried that to no avail. It said that there was no support and try search again!

Why oh why is it so difficult to get help from these manufacturers these days.

  wallbash 15:23 09 Jun 2005

Ver 9.79.1
build 25 posted 01/08/2004

mw 9791enu.exe

Size 4,168kb

Sitting now on my desktop!
If you PM me would gladly send

( On 2meg BB so no problems!)

But must admit no one on this site has ever pm me

  wallbash 15:27 09 Jun 2005

web page
click here

  Ancient Learner 15:30 09 Jun 2005

Sorry. To show my total ignorance, Do I assume that by PM you mean using the Envelope to send you a message. I'm quite happy to do that, but I won't unless you confirm that is what you intended, as some people here get quite upset about being contacted by this method! -:))

  wallbash 15:37 09 Jun 2005

I think so !!!
But even if you do that, Im not certain wot happens at my end

Did you also try the web page

  Ancient Learner 15:38 09 Jun 2005

Thanks for the Web page. Got it now.

You clearly have had the proper arcane training so that you can find such things.

Thank you very much for your help. At least, I now know that I have the latest drivers.

  wallbash 15:40 09 Jun 2005

Glad to help.

But will post a message in the help room about PM

But I know I will get a load of warnings ( but you only live once)

  Ancient Learner 15:42 09 Jun 2005

I think that if the envelope gets used, you would receive my message via this site, and my address would be included. I've only used it once a long time ago, so the memory is now vague, sorry.
Anyway, no need now. Thank you.

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