Logitech MX5000 Desktop set

  Mike D 18:33 02 Feb 2006

Is anyone else out there using this. I wonder if you've had the same experience as I did. This is not a cheap bit of kit but, try as I might I could not get it to work properly. The Setpoint sofware was a bit of a so and so to install, then the Bluetooth would not work and eventually the keyboard and mouse would be non-operational. On initial setup the Bluetooth transmitter would be recognised as a usb device and the set would work normally, albeit without any of the advanced features that cammond the high price. Then the bluetooth synchronisation would kick in (no option to stop it) and, because no Bluetooth device could be found (it's there 2 inches in front of your nose, you stupid USB dongle), the process ground to a thundering halt.

Spoke to Logitech, suggested USB dongle should not be connected to hub or PCI card (it wasn't) - didn't say that on the box! Also suggested that I look at Logitech's own support forums - wish I'd looked sooner, since mid November the Americans have been really giving them some stick over dodgy software and non responsive Bluetooth.

I took it back to PC World today, no quibbles, and walked out with a new MS Laser 6000 desktop set for $49.95. Works a treat, sorry Logitech.

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