Local loop unbundling to gather fresh momentum?

  TOPCAT® 21:14 06 Jul 2004


'UK surfers could soon be making cheap internet calls and taking advantage of affordable super-fast broadband.
Regulator Ofcom has laid out its plans for the future of broadband now that high-speed access is well established.

The watchdog believes the key to the next stage will be the opening up of BT's network to other operators...'

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VoIP and video-quality bandwidth in the majority of UK homes! Welcome news as the new regulator moves to take the brakes off broadband's progress in this country. Let's hope the many forthcoming packages soon to be on offer will be great value for everyone. TC.

  Forum Editor 00:34 07 Jul 2004

Increased competition is healthy but where broadband is concerned there are other things as important as cost - such as reliability of service and contention ratios. As contention rises quality of service will fall, and as always with internet access it will be available bandwidth which ultimately governs the success or failure of any package.

  oresome 18:48 07 Jul 2004

No getting away from the fact that the local loop is a plain old twisted copper pair that was never intended to offer the bandwidth they're sqeezing out of it now. It will never have the potential that the the cable boys have with their much newer networks.

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