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Liverpool Victoria LV Car Insurance For/Against

  tonyq 13:46 12 Sep 2012

My car Insurance is up for renewal shortly,and am thinking of going to LV (now with Saga). I would be pleased to hear from you good people if you have had good/bad dealings with them.

  Forum Editor 14:03 12 Sep 2012

Transferred to Tech consumer advice from Speakers corner.

  rickf 14:12 12 Sep 2012

I am with them. Can't comment re claims as I have not had to make one but customer services re enquiries and clarification are good and competent.

  hastelloy 15:39 12 Sep 2012

I'd follow the advice given by MSE. You will need to go to step 2 but there are some good tips in step 1.

  morddwyd 08:29 13 Sep 2012

Don't know about car insurance, but I've just had major problems with them over a household policy claim for a damaged laptop.

First of all they wanted me to go to see their agent in Stafford. I live in Fife!

Then they offered a replacement which was so far below the spec of my broken one that the retail cost was less than the cost of replacement parts, not including labour and VAT, for the broken one.

Took three months to settle the claim, and they went right down to the wire with my request for a final "company complaints procedure" letter so that I could complain to the regulator.

This was after about ten years without a claim.

I doubt they'll get much more of my business.

It is truly said that you don't know how good your insurance company is until you make a claim.

  Diemmess 09:33 13 Sep 2012

LV have covered my car for about 4yrs now. I would say they deal fairly and promptly with me, and so far no snags or mysterious add-ons in any deal.

Had some panel damage in the first year with LV after reversing into a concrete bollard.

They met the claim promptly on the understanding that since I was finding my own (local) repairer they would neither provide a loan car, nor cover the workmanship as a warranty. Fine by me because the ding happened within 1/4 mile of the excellent local repair facility. LV wanted to collect and take it 15 miles from here.

I have a protected no claim discount and the premium had a modest increase along with most car insurance companies.

  tonyq 09:55 13 Sep 2012

The only niggle I have about changing from Saga to LV,although LV is cheaper, there personal belongings only goes up to max of £200, Saga goes up to max £1000. As I carry Golf clubs ect and Photography equipment (usually not at the same time)£200 is soon devoured. On ringing them they said the £200 cannot be altered.

  BT 08:34 14 Sep 2012

I'm with Saga and have been for a number of years.

One feature I like is the one that allows any driver to drive your car for you in case of a medical or other emergency. The way I read it is that the emergency driver only has to have a drivers license and not insurance of their own as with most policies.

  woodchip 16:09 14 Sep 2012

I have been with LV two years, Not had to make no claims. I am one of those drivers that as to pay for other to smash up there cars or have them stolen

  chub_tor 19:21 14 Sep 2012

I've just changed from Saga to Tesco for my car insurance. LV were competitive on price but Tesco were offering £50 worth of petrol, the main sticking point for our car insurance is that the wife insists on zero voluntary deductible and not all will do that.

  HondaMan 19:36 22 Nov 2012


Surely this would be covered under your household policy. I had a similar query last year. I carry up to about £7000 of photographic gear at any one time and that was the answer I was given.

If they are not covered, you will need to check this with your household insurer, as them why not. You might need specialised cover!

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