Live Football over internet

  leedaz 11:46 24 Feb 2006

click here

Just got BB and this looks too good to be true.Lifetime membership for less than a fiver. To watch 3pm games on Saturdays, anyone used it or know of it can give me the lowdown? Thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:24 24 Feb 2006

Seems too good to be true - live streaming is not so good at the moment without a very fast connection so I'd be wary of their claim that any PC built in the last 10 years will be good enough.

I am also not so sure of the legality of it - I thought that braodcast rights for the premiership were owned by Sky.

  leedaz 16:06 24 Feb 2006

Not sure about the SKY rights. I know I can go the pub on a Saturday 3-00 pm and watch a game live from the Prem, on a Scandinavian Station. When I lived in Thailand,was able to watch 2 or 3 different 3 pm games on local TV as well as the Sky games on StarTV. Got a 2Mbps BT connection in girlfriends office and about 1.3Mbps over wireless to my PC. Would this be quick enough to handle live TV? PC is AMD Athlon XP 1700+ 768MB on XP Pro.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:13 24 Feb 2006

I think that your PC is up to it - not sure about anything else. I'd read some of the google comments on it.

  wjrt 16:17 24 Feb 2006

was watching some of the curling on 2Mbps from BBC interactive on 98SE AMD 750 32MB graphics and 128MB memory with occasional glitch but mostly good connection

  Starfox 16:58 24 Feb 2006

Not seen this site before so cannot coment on it BUT if it anything like the other sites promising live football etc the I can tell you that you will just get a list of websites where you will be able to watch live games etc and be aware,unless you can speak Chinese or Arabic you will not understand the commentry and the streamed pictures are fairly grim to say the least.

click here for an example of what you get.Save you £4-99 as well.:o)

  Stuartli 00:23 25 Feb 2006

This has been brought up numerous times and the general concensus is that it's a waste of money.

As for BB, even an average system shouldn't have any problems delivering it - even a CD rewriter at 16x write speed is transferring more data per second/minute etc...:-)

  leedaz 08:38 25 Feb 2006

Thanks for the feedback folks, already had click here bookmarked and will try to find some live games there today, will leave thread open for a few days to see if any subscribers to this service can comment.

  961 18:45 25 Feb 2006

Try your own team's web site to see what is on offer

For example I get live radio commentary for Newcastle United via the internet from their web site for £2.99 per month

There is a video link too but I don't think this produces live footage

I have to say that the Sky replays of all matches on Saturday evening via the red button are probably as good as it gets at the moment

Stuff for a fiver is a bit like securitas in Kent IMHO

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