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  tinpony 10:48 06 Jun 2003

hi in the last month i have ordered two display units from . my new partner got them for me as a gift
the first came but but after it had been to number 4 in our street.
this is not my house number number 4 is a upstairs flat.
so the van driver tells me. out of puff

when my unit came i looked in the box to check all items, and the r 39 bulb to light it up was in bits in the box, e.g broken .

i phoned littelwoods and told them, also sent them a e mail i was given the run around but was told one would be sent out and to wait 21 days . this time has gone by now

after a few weeks nothing so i phoned again and same thing no help.
so i tried to get a bulb from my local towns around me but no way can you buy them.

argos told me they come from Germany and if i got my unit from them they would send me a box full of them .
to day i get a letter from littlewoods telling me to go get a bulb my self and they will refund the cost as they can not get the bulbs.

so phoned them to say i have tried to get one but no luck and have walked my legs off what is left of them.

as i am disabled and in poor health for last 22 years i think it is a bit much for them to ask me to do this knowing full well they can not get the bulbs.

it looks to me that if you do get a bulb with display unit if the bulb goes you are stuck for good. not good
please note the units are £149.99 each .

  anchor 15:14 06 Jun 2003

My sympathy with you tinpony.

As regards the R39 bulbs, I regularly obtain mine from my John Lewis store, where they are stock item; (the cost being about £1.70 each).

I know that`s no help, if you are not near a branch of John Lewis.

Obviously, Littlewoods could easily obtain a replacement for you, if they wanted.

  mole44 15:15 06 Jun 2003

try b&q at,there are all sorts of bulbs that are available

  anchor 17:16 06 Jun 2003

The ordinary B&Q stores, both large and small, do not carry them. I have looked.

Just checked their web site too, and they are not there either.

I should have added, that the R39 bulbs I buy are small edison screw. As far as I know, these are the only ones available here.

  Rayuk 17:26 06 Jun 2003

John Lewis have an online shop have you tried there
click here

  tinpony 17:37 06 Jun 2003

thank you for all your help i will look.

  anchor 09:25 07 Jun 2003

Found them on the John Lewis web site; but currently "out of stock".

click here

  H-J 10:49 07 Jun 2003

lots of local markets have some form of small electrical trader. it might be woth asking, they might have some somewhere. (I mean a long establishd market, not the type that set up on a sunday)

  tbh72 11:58 07 Jun 2003

I have seen those bulbs in ASDA, Sainsbury's, Staples & Viking Direct!!!

  tbh72 12:01 07 Jun 2003

But cheapest ones are here click here
The Product code is E90082

  bfoc 21:53 07 Jun 2003

Either these bulbs are easily available in which case Littlewoods should replace them or they are difficult to get and they should not expect anybody, much less someone with a disability, to spend their own time, and money, putting right a problem which morally and legally is Littlewoods!

Or am I missing something?

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