LiteOn DVD R/RW Thoughts

  Demora 01:09 31 Dec 2003

Anyone have any good/bad reports on LiteOne DVD R/RWs. PC world have an 8x -/+ drive which looks ok to me..... BUT I need input here as this would be a first dvd writer.



  Mysticnas 03:00 31 Dec 2003

411S, it's the same as yours but 4x +/-.

£80 retail pack.

Is there really any point in a 8x just yet? stick with a 4x and you'll save yourself some money mate.

I can burn 4.5Gb of video footage in just over 5mins with my drive. not bad eh?

  Stuartli 08:23 31 Dec 2003

Lite-On products are excellent as well as good value for money.

Many of their drives are rebadged products from leading manufacturers, in the main Plextor.

Some details of Lite-On drives here, plus other makes:

click here

  TBH1 10:14 31 Dec 2003

Stuartli is spot on here re Liteone - - - - if its simply the name you are worried about, then worry not.

  Demora 10:39 31 Dec 2003

I had heard something about them in the summer and was really wondering from curiosity more than anything else.

I had a Mirai cd RW and its just starting to give me trouble after 3 years so am looking around at something good to replace it.



  Stuartli 12:16 31 Dec 2003

This is Lite-On's UK home page:

click here

plus more info on the company:

click here

  Q-Bie 15:45 31 Dec 2003

5 mins for 4.5gb with a 4x drive?

Somethings not right there, surely you mean 15 means?

  Q-Bie 15:45 31 Dec 2003

5 mins for 4.5gb with a 4x drive?

Somethings not right there, surely you mean 15 mins?

  TBH1 20:55 31 Dec 2003

Q-Bie - one more time and that'll be 15 minutes won't it ;-)

  Mysticnas 00:31 01 Jan 2004

i'll do it again just to confirm...

i had a DVDR that came with my drive. i just copied them over.

will try again with another DVDR when i get some.

  Demora 01:14 02 Jan 2004

Well I finally took the plunge and bought the 8x Lite-On dvd R/RW as PC world were selling out of them (not just Lite-On) and I really had to replace the old cdr/rw. Fitted it in 15 mins and all set up.

Now to make rather expensive beer mats.

Thanks for the input and have a happy new year to all of you.


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