Lite-On LVW-5005

  THE TERMINATOR 22:05 28 Nov 2004

I was wondering if anyone has used this recorder to back up home vhs movies?

  pj123 11:58 29 Nov 2004

I have just had my 5005 delivered (this very minute from Argos £120). Haven't got it connected yet but a friend who recommended it to me has tried it and says it is brilliant. Easy to setup and easy to use. Am setting it up this afternoon and will let you know.

  pj123 18:28 29 Nov 2004

Not as easy as I thought. Doesn't like working with a Freeview box and/or Satellite decoder.

By itself it is fine. But I have a freeview box and a Digital motorised Satellite decoder.

I had to disconnect and remove all my VHS recorders (two) and then I had to disconnect everything else and then just connect the DVD Recorder and get that working first. Now to connect the other units it appears that I need to buy two Switched Scart 2-1 units.

So not so easy.

Will keep you informed.

  oresome 19:09 29 Nov 2004

Purchased one on Saturday from Argos following a thread on this forum. (Had to search round and travel to find a store with one.)

Setting up the TV channels is a pain as it doesn't sort them into channels 1 to 5. This has to be done manually.

Have now transfered two VHS tapes to DVD-RW. I finalised the first disk and tried it in two other didn't play in either. I then tried recording a further one minute on the disk, then took it out and tried it in the other players and low and behold, the first recording now plays in both.

I had the same experience with the second disk. Wouldn't run in another player until a second recording was put on the disk after finalising.

Not sure what is happening, but I have found a solution!

The timer is also a pain for frequent use, not having video plus or the ability to quick record in 30 minute intervals.

Overall, pleased with the results so far for the price.

  vibrant 21:53 29 Nov 2004

I also got one on saturday,works a treat set up not easy but when I read the instructions everything went well.No trouble recording of digital satellite.

  TomJerry 10:28 30 Nov 2004

LVW-5005 got a lot of good reviews, but new model is LVW-5006 which should be better, the price if about £175.

Maybe Argos is just dumpping overstock at that price level. Just maybe.

  rickf 16:02 30 Nov 2004

TomJerry, I thought you can flash the 5005 to 5006 from the lite-on site. Is this just a rumour then. If not at £120 is very good value.The cheapest for the 5006 is £171 at microdirect.Thinking about getting one.

  SEASHANTY 16:47 30 Nov 2004

At £171 you are approaching the Panasonic DMR-E55 range which would give you the convenience of DVD-RAM - which can be used similarly to a hard disk and is re-recordable up to 100,000 times.

  pj123 18:19 30 Nov 2004

Right have now got the relevant switched Scart sockets. It is now working perfectly, unfortunately you cannot sit in the "couch potato position" and use the remote controls. To switch from Freeview, or Satellite means a walk over to the Scart sockets and switch them manually.

Good exercise though. And also works perfectly.

That is a 3 hour VHS tape copied to DVD takes 3 hours, as opposed to my previous system of a DVD Burner and a capture card on the PC. This used to take 8 hours.

  TomJerry 21:00 30 Nov 2004


  Arnie 00:40 01 Dec 2004

Read my e-mail to Liteon.

The modification to the scart lead cured the problem completely.
This may be of interest to the technically minded.

Dear Liteon.

A few days ago I purchased a LVW – 5005 recorder from Argos UK.
Everything was ok except for the sound quality. This was distorted with a muffled sibilant sound. After a number of setup checks, I realised that the sound output voltage from the recorder was far to high for my TV’s specification.
I modified the Liteon scart lead to reduce the signal by approx 2.5:1, which cured the problem.
The resistor ratios may have to be changed depending on the sound input specification of other TVs.

I am sending the details to you, since they may be of use to your help line technical staff should other people have the same problem.
If the customer does not have the technical ability as I, they will be able to contact a local technician to have a suitable lead made up.

Hitachi TV model C2143S set to AV1, (video composite input).
Liteon supplied scart lead.
2 x 8k2 resistors.
2 x 3k3 resistors.

Scart modified at the output to TV end as follows.
8k2 resistor soldered in series with the 3k3 resistor.
Left sound signal to free end of 8k2 resistor.
Junction of resistors to scart pin 6.
Free end of 3k3 resistor to scart pin 4.

8k2 resistor soldered in series with the 3k3 resistor.
Right sound signal to free end of 8k2 resistor.
Junction of resistors to scart pin 2.
Free end of 3k3 resistor to scart pin 4.

I use a number of Liteon products and find they are well designed and excellent value for money.


Arnie. (UK).

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