Linux or Windows

  tree2 21:32 15 Apr 2003

which do YOU think is best Microsoft Windows or Linux vote here:

  Forum Editor 23:03 15 Apr 2003

that you can 'vote' on - both operating systems have their strengths and their weaknesses, and it's a matter of choosing what is best for the way you work. Linux has its devotees, and has slowly gained ground in the past couple of years. Windows is running on the vast majority of the world's desktops.

The Linux v. Windows debate has raged on and off for years now, and there's no positive conclusion - probably never will be. Horses for courses.

  Murray 23:24 15 Apr 2003

I think that might produce a slightly biased opinion.

Having never used Linux, I'm happy with Windows - so in that respect it gets my vote, but I'm in no position to compare the two.

  powerless 23:47 15 Apr 2003

You have to learn all the Linuxing before you can use Linux and then even more Linuxing after that.

If you pop Linux onto your computer have fun and enjoy using something new and you mostly spend time trying to figure what that does and what this does before you can even start to think uisng Linux as a main OS. Ditching Windows overnight and waking up to Linux isnt goiong to happen - It's a learning curve.

Linux can be built up so if you have the skills you can build a part of Linux yourself ;-)

I rememer seeing Bill on the web and he was giving a talk from about his days when he was dreaming. His dream was a PC in all the homes - He admitted he's only half way there and he has been going for 25 years.

If Linux is anything like that then its got a little way to come before we see "PCA's Linux Advisor".

My vote is Windows - I've been using it for 6 years from Windows 98.

I've had a play on Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 and you can see how much its all come along...

But i vote windows because i use it everyday and have come to understand it.

Linux well i have to learn it all for and well if it takes me 6 years then so be it...But i think Linux has to be a little more developed for me before i could use as a main OS.

Which may never happen as i like Windows so much ;-)

Linux is a good alternative but as of yet i love Windows awwwwwwwwwwwww!

  tenaka 10:28 16 Apr 2003

What are you referring to re the title of the site? It says PC Advisor not Windows Advisor.

I could not replace Windows at this time completely with Linux, so luckily being "in the biz" I have more than one PC, one of which is running Mandrake so I dabble and learn.

Sure I have problems with XP occasionally but the ease of dealing with the problems outweighs the steep learning curve required for Linux so it's roughly 60/40 in favour of XP for me at the moment.

Prolly best if this thread stays away from a which is best discussion, they get boring after a while, let's hear of experiences from more newbies who have used Linux.

  Azzy 11:19 16 Apr 2003

I personally don't like Linux as a standalone operating system although I do have it on a seperate partition just to make sure that I am prepared whatever the futureis in the operating systems market. I must say that Linux Suse (My preffered to REd hat etc.) is so much like XP that I prefer to use windows as although it is more expensive you can see why. Also you have got to rememnber that Microsoft has consistently produced high quality operating systems and software since about 1985 whereas the Linux manufacturers have made rather arying systems for far less amount of time.

  PIXARUS 11:28 16 Apr 2003

I have been trying out Linux alongside Windows for about six months. I didn't find it difficult to learn to use the KDE desktop which is not too different from Windows. I really like some of the free software especially The image editor "The Gimp" Most of the difficulties I have experienced concern hardware which is not supported but this is improving all the time. Linux can access your windows files which is very convenient if you use both as I do.
Linux is very stable and upgrades are free.
I have tried recent issues of Mandrake,Suse and Red Hat. They are easy to install even if you are a relative novice like me.

  NEOSPHEAR 08:18 18 Apr 2003

I used linux as well although i must say better the devil you know, however when it comes to using the web and online gaming ive been told that linux is far more secure and stable than windows?

  muppetmark 11:58 18 Apr 2003

There is a free linux on cd available which will run in your RAM

click here a 700mb download but cd's are available to buy through links on the page and no need to change any of your system until you have had a tinker with linux and how you get on with it .

  powerless 12:13 18 Apr 2003

I'm downloading that as i type.


  rosblot 12:44 18 Apr 2003

I once read on this site: If you want to mess about on a computer get Windows. If you want to work on a computer get Mac: I think this holds doubly true for Linux as the learning curve is even more acute

I once tried Linux and dumped it after a few hours. I've never liked windows although I've tolerated it for years until rescently I tried OS X. Now windows is a thing of the past, never to be used again, not by me anyway.

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