ol blueeyes 15:55 07 Aug 2009

Glad to see that PC Advisor has an article on Ubuntu this Month. I've been trying out several editions of Linux over the past 2 weeks and I must say I am impressed.Firstly they seem to offer most of the things that I require. Mind it's a strange world at first especially for those of us who have been using Microsoft for years. It's difficult at first to find what's available. Believe me most things are.
1. It's Free
2. There is a big choice of different Linux Systems
3. Download speeds are much better than Downloading in Windows.With Ubuntu I was getting muich nearer what I was paying for with increases upto 300%.As I was with Windows.
With Mandriva I was getting increases of upto 450% As I was with Windows.
So are we all blaming our ISP when in actual fact it is Microsoft who are causing us problems ?

  ol blueeyes 15:56 07 Aug 2009

Something I forgot to add should I cancel my order for Windows 7 E ?

  bremner 17:56 07 Aug 2009


Should I cancel my order for Windows 7 E?


  Al94 19:31 07 Aug 2009

In my opinion, it's too much hassle. I bought a netbook with Linux and I thought I could live with it but after a few weeks got so frustrated that I have loaded XP on it and it now just "works". For the life of me I can't see why you would struggle to find ways to make basic things like bluetooth work.

  GaT7 20:59 07 Aug 2009

I find Linux a very good back-up OS - excellent for dual-booting with Windows & having a play with on an occasion basis.

However, its general user-unfriendliness & many quirks gives me a headache (quite literally I must add!) for everyday computing.

It's mostly for the enthusiasts if you ask me. Proof of this can be seen from the large majority of PC users worldwide that choose Windows over most anything else - even if it means paying [extra] for it, & despite the many inherent security/other problems it has compared to Linux. G

  GaT7 21:00 07 Aug 2009

I find Linux a very good back-up OS - excellent for dual-booting with Windows & having a play with on an occasional basis.

  Forum Editor 23:36 07 Aug 2009

why Microsoft gave Windows XP a reprieve when Netbooks arrived on the scene - so many people were driven to distraction by the hopelessness of the pre installed Linux version.

I struggled for days trying to get my first Netbook to accept my mobile broadband USB device, but in the end I gave up, installed XP, and was surfing the web within minutes of plugging in.

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