LinkScanner Pro disaster !

  toubab 14:05 26 Oct 2007

Re: An e-mail received this morning ( copied below ) approximately 27 hours after exactly this problem of not being able to boot up occurred and has caused me to lose the use of my once perfectly good and stable computer, with thousands of files essential for running my Internet business, most likely also lost !!!!!

I am interested to know how they will be compensating me for the considerable trouble and expense it is certainly going to cost me ?


-----Original Message-----

From: Exploit Prevention Labs [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: 25 October 2007 23:28

Subject: Potential LinkScanner System Slowdown or Hang

Dear LinkScanner Customer,

On October 24, 2007 some LinkScanner Pro users reported a slow-down or apparent hang up of their PC. If you are experiencing this and a reboot didn't solve the problem, or the problem appeared at boot, or the reboot is so slow that the Taskbar doesn't appear, we have created a document that walks you through the process of repairing the issue.

You can find this document on our website at click here

If you continue to experience problems after following these instructions, please contact our help desk at that same web page.

Thank you for trying LinkScanner Pro and we apologize for any inconvenience this problem may have caused you.

  xania 15:32 26 Oct 2007

If you read their small print, I think you'll find they're well covered. I'd be very surprised if this did cause you to lose any data, but don't you have backups? What would happen if your HD failed?

  toubab 22:04 26 Nov 2007

In a successful completion to my original problem report, I have to say credit where credit is due. The excellent Customer Service from Exploit Prevention Labs ( LinkScanner Pro ) and Dell Computers has been second to none. On reporting the problem to Exploit Prevention Labs via e-mail and enquiring as “to how they would be compensating me for the considerable trouble and expense it is certainly going to cost me” … I was contacted within the hour by e-mail by the CEO of the company, asking for my phone number and shortly afterwards by two Trans-Atlantic phone calls from him offering his help and advice.

A further phone call from him ( at his suggestion ) to the data recovery expert who had my computer for repair at click here ( highly recommended ) offered assistance in the eventually successful recovery of all my data … which as it turned out, was quite a complicated task.

Not only did the CEO of Exploit Prevention Labs offer to pay all my repair costs, the Dell support technician, involved in the first hours of trying to repair the situation before Exploit Prevention Lab’s e-mail arrived explaining what had caused the problem … voluntarily kept in touch from India, again by phone … and similarly offered to refund their standard ( out of warranty ) charge, as his attempts, intelligently halted by him before any data was lost, had failed.

My original post was to inform any other users of LinkScanner Pro that were having the same problem. At the time of my contact with Exploit Labs, it seems I was the only one unlucky enough to have re-booted between the time they found out that one file, out of that particular automatic update, had become corrupted in its transfer to the outside world and them quickly repairing the fault and issuing a corrected update.

Yes, Xania, I did have backups, but I doubt that most people - even you - back up absolutely everything every day … and fortunately I had no need to read any small print.

In an Internet world, often overflowing with complaints against uncaring large companies that stick to the small print “get outs” of any responsibility for problems on a customer’s system and difficulties in communication with Indian support personnel, it has been a pleasure to receive such responsible treatment from all involved. It also restores one’s faith in humanity and in this case, proved that a polite approach often works best and that there are some very good people out there.

I hope others who experience similar computer problems, will have the same good luck which I had.



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