Linking D Link with BT Home Hub 3

  roxie555 15:00 14 Jul 2014

As a D Link DIR-645 router has no ADSL modem it is possible to connect it to my BT Home Hub 3 in order to access the Internet providing * The Home Hub 3 has both its wireless network and DHCP connections disabled so only the D Link becomes the recognised router? * The RJ11 cable between phone socket and Home Hub 3 remains? * An RJ45 Ethernet cable connects both routers? Cheers

  roxie555 13:35 15 Jul 2014

You will forgive me Woolwell but having never used an on-line forum before I was not aware that you are supposed to continue with a "thread" (presumably by selecting the "post a response" button)even though a different question broadly related to a previous enquiry. Yes I did buy the D Link DIR 645 as it seemed to offer a solution to a wireless signal problem in the bedroom directly above the Home Hub 3 router. Being "technically challenged" and with no such problem in the room containing the existing router I was guessing the periodic buffering issue was one of the signal strength/direction limitations of an omni-directional aerial. Unfortunately I had not realised a modem was essential and ignorant of the fact that not all routers have one as in the case of the D Link.

The 2 Tablet PCs used wirelessly in the bedroom do not support the 5GHz signal. It is not that I doubted the integrity of Secret Squirrel opinion but I am hoping the "smartbeam" technology may provide a more reliable signal especially as I believe the 2.4GHz frequency is overcrowed.

Like so much in life it is not always a matter of intelligence but question of knowledge.


  roxie555 17:38 15 Jul 2014

Thanks Woolwell Although the HH3 is set on automatic selection I have tried a few different channels but its current setting of 11 seems to be the best.

I have discovered how to disable the wireless network and DHCP server so as to employ the HH3 only as a modem and the D Link router. The latter claims (which seems to be supported by several expert reviews)to have 6 aerials which can detect when a device tries to connect wirelessly and then homes in, directing the signal to it, hence "smartbeam" I suppose.

Just in case the D Link fails to solve the problem I do have two 7DAY200MBPS powerline adapters but thought that they were for wired/Ethernet connections only. If applicable are there wireless versions and do they also have to be plugged directly into a power socket as opposed to an extension lead. My current powerline adapters do not facilitate being, themselves, plugged into to and so taking up already limited power outlets.

Thank you once again

  roxie555 18:17 15 Jul 2014

Most grateful for your advice and time Woolwell Best wishes Mike

  roxie555 18:17 15 Jul 2014

Most grateful for your advice and time Woolwell Best wishes Mike

  roxie555 10:42 18 Jul 2014

Good morning Woolwell Just been doing a little reading which has prompted a question I did not previously think to ask. Once my D Link DIR 645 router is connected to the Home Hub 3,and the DHCP server & wireless network have been disabled, does the latter require any further configuration even though it is now only acting as a modem? Many thanks. Mike

  roxie555 11:39 18 Jul 2014

Thanks Woolwell. Does anyone else have a view?

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