Lineone/Tiscali to Broadband Package.

  spuds 12:28 15 Nov 2003

I am trying to find out, if anyone as recently changed from a Tiscali,possibly a Lineone/Surftime dial-up package to a Tiscali Broadband package- 150kbps/256kbps/512kbps deal.

Question: Did you have any problems. Have there been any pitfalls.Was it what you expected.

As usual, many thanks to anyone that answers.

  Border View 12:52 15 Nov 2003

You may wish to have a look at A_World_Makers posting on this thread click here

Will watch to see how you get on because I'm with Lineone/Tiscalli Dial Up and when BT get my area sorted out for BB access will be going down the same route.

  spuds 15:55 15 Nov 2003

Thanks folks, keep it coming. Been trying to get Tiscali 'Live Help'but all agents are busy!.

apu10.Sorry to hear the problem that you have had. Would suggest that you contact Tiscali by registered letter, explaining your problem, with a 'pointed' reminder that contracts are two way.You have purchased a package deal, and the modem was not supplied.End of 12 months contract!.

  spuds 12:02 16 Nov 2003

Still trying to connect to Tiscali 'Live Chat'to sales help [8am-9pm daily?]. Doe's this service work,all agents are still busy.Quick response emails-delayed action.

Think I will give them a phone call tomorrow. Not sure whether to use the 0800 195 1991 [sales] or the alternative suggestion 0870 744 9966 [billing]. Don't want to end up, confusing the issue, with two departments involved, especially as I already have a Tiscali/BT-Surftime account.

  gold 47 19:48 16 Nov 2003

There is another way choose a better ISP.

  spuds 20:13 18 Nov 2003

What a couple of days.Tried to register on-line.Two failed attempts. Phoned Tiscali sales 0800 195 1991 today. According to them, I was not a Lineone customer [lady rep Jay thought that Lineone was Line1.Strange I thought.Tiscali own Lineone, yet the rep made a mistake?].She told me that she would have to phone me back.[Heard that one before].

Told her, that I would phone Tiscali billing, as suggested per Tiscali website.Telephoned Tiscali 0870 744 9966.Spoke to James.No, I am not a Lineone/Tiscali member, cannot find me on their records.[Strange I thought, why do Tiscali keep sending me my Loyalty offers?]. After a prolonged period, he eventually traced me in the system.[Great, now we will get down to business]. James informed me that he would now close my Lineone/Tiscali account.And I must contact Tiscali sales and open a new account."But James, what happens to my Lineone email address,I need it, as that is how people are contacting me".James then tells me to wait on hold, returns and informs me that he as downgraded me to PAYG.After further prompting, I managed to get a little information about the new connection telephone number.I left James, feeling confuse a little.Thinking-Was I still on the Internet or had all my connectiont to Tiscali been severed!.

Re-telephoned Tiscali sales and spoke to Christine.Again I was informed-No record that I was or had been a Lineone member.All details taken, and new account opened. I am now awaiting modem and connection.

Going through all this nonsense, I was in two minds to transfer over to Freeserve or someone else, who needed my business. Lineone/Tiscali on-air have been great,all through my 'membership', and I have recommended them to other people on many occassions. But going through this episode over the last two days, makes me wonder, what is happening to the administration. Very lacking in my oppinion.Tiscali, book your ideas up' otherwise you may and will lose customers.

Should add, that if you cannot read this, then it is due to my Lineone [Line1]- Tiscali original account being closed. (:o(

  spuds 19:08 21 Nov 2003

Well I am still here, using my old Lineone account. James told me that my account was closed,from the time I had a chat with him.

Tiscali have kept me informed on a daily basis via email about progress, and they have sent by post a confirmation letter.So waiting for the final day of delivery of modem.

  spuds 18:50 01 Dec 2003

Up and running-What a difference.

Had further update emails from Tiscali.Final one stated that my Sagem modem had been despatched, and I would receive before the 1/12/03 by Parcel Force. I also received a download for installation and operating instructions for the Sagem.

About 2 hours ago, Parcel Force delivered a small box.Checked contents and found a Thomson modem. Installed, had slight problem, re-installed and used repair set-up on cd. Problem still there. Telephone Tiscali Broadband help, placed on hold for about 3 minutes [all agents busy]. Connected to agent Alex Jones [who seemed to have an 'abroad' call centre accent?], a few checks completed, and everything is running smooth.So whose a happy bunny then (;o))

  spuds 11:07 02 Dec 2003

Last night I kept getting drop-out and no dial tone problems. Thoughts of faulty modem or filters came to mind.Eventually problem traced to older type phone on one of the extentions.

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